Eric O. Scott ("Siggy")

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science
George Mason University

Portrait circa 2011

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Refereed Journals and Selective Conferences

  1. Landscape Features for Computationally Expensive Evaluation Functions: Revisiting the Problem of Noise (PDF)
    Eric O. Scott, Kenneth A. De Jong. 2016. PPSN'16, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  2. An Evolutionary Framework for Replicating Neurophysiological Data with Spiking Neural Networks (PDF)
    Emily L. Rounds, Eric O. Scott, Andrew S. Alexander, Kenneth A. De Jong, Douglas A. Nitz, and Jeffrey L. Krichmar. PPSN'16, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  3. Evaluation-Time Bias in Quasi-Generational and Steady-State Asynchronous Evolutionary Algorithms (PDF)
    Eric O. Scott, Kenneth A. De Jong. 2016. GECCO'16, Denver, CO.
  4. Understanding the Simple Asynchronous Evolutionary Algorithm (PDF, Slides)
    Eric O. Scott, Kenneth A. De Jong. 2015. Foundations of Genetic Algorithms XIII, Aberystwyth, Wales.
  5. A Quantum Model of Exaptation: Incorporating Potentiality into Evolutionary Theory (PDF)
    Liane Gabora, Eric O. Scott, and Stuart Kauffman. 2013. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology, 113(1), 108-116.

Peer-Reviewed Workshops with Proceedings

  1. Learning Genetic Representations for Classes of Real-Valued Optimization Problems (PDF)
    Eric O. Scott, Jeffrey K. Bassett. 2015. GECCO'15 Companion Proceedings, p. 1075-1082. Madrid, Spain.
  2. Evaluation-Time Bias in Asynchronous Evolutionary Algorithms (PDF, Poster)
    Eric O. Scott, Kenneth A. De Jong. 2015. GECCO'15 Companion Proceedings, p. 1209-1212. Madrid, Spain.
    Winner of Best Student Paper Award


  • Text Mining for Quality Control of Court Records (PDF)
    Eric O. Scott, Haleh Vafaie, Zelal Gungordu, Charles E. Horowitz, and Bradford C. Brown. 2014. Workshop on the Semantic Analysis of Documents, Ft. Collins, Colorado.
  • Bayes, Paradigms, and Intelligent Design (PDF, Online)
    Eric O. Scott. 2012. Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 1 (7): 8-11.


  • GMU Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Study Guides:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Design (PDF)
    Eric Scott. October, 2011. Based on a talk given at The Second Annual Gloria Patri Conference on Religion, Science, and the Humanities, Bobbio Pellice, Italy, 2009.
  • Transfer Learning via Modularity in a Model of Technological Evolution (PDF, Poster)
    Eric Scott. April, 2011. Undergraduate research project completed at the Santa Fe Institute.
  • Wordi: Fast and Scalable Word Game AI with Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and Dynamic Programming (Poster)
    Kendall Hopkins, Eric Scott, Stephen Oxley, and Danny Ruiz. 2010. Presented at Andrews University Department of Computer Science and Engineering senior design seminar.


Ideas that actually do something

  • SigmaEC (GitHub)
    An evolutionary computation framework in Java. Highly flexible, good for research, and easy to unit test.
  • LightBDD (GitHub)
    A bare-bones Binary Decision Diagram library in Java.


Original compositions

  • Santa Fe Summer (PDF)
    2010. A simple tune I associate with New Mexico.
  • Untitled Duet (PDF)
    2007. A piano duet I wrote in college.