Emad Aghayi

  1. Computer Science Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Thomas LaToza
  2. Developer Experience Design Lab
  3. Department of Computer Science
  4. George Mason University
  5. eaghayi AT gmu DOT edu
  6. Office: 4404 Engineering Building

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Research Projects

Microtask Programing
Microtasks are short, self-contained unit of works, enabling large tasks to be completed quickly through solid parallelism. We designed and developed Crowd Microservices to explore the effects of applying microtasking to software development.
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Smart Homes for Elderly
Smart homes, which incorporate environmental and wearable medical sensors, actuators, and modern communication and information technologies, can enable continuous and remote monitoring of elderly health and wellbeing at a low cost. Smart homes may allow the elderly to stay in their comfortable home environments instead of expensive and limited healthcare facilities. Healthcare personnel can also keep track of the overall health condition of the elderly in real-time and provide feedback and support from distant facilities. In this paper, we have presented a comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art research and development in smart home based remote healthcare technologies.
Wireless Sensor Networks MAC Protocol
This work introduces a MAC protocol with novel concepts to assure the required QoS regarding the data transmission robustness, packet delivery deadline, bandwidth efficiency, and energy preservation. The proposed MAC protocol provides a new and efficient dynamic reconfiguration mechanism, so that relevant operational parameters may be redefined dynamically in accordance with the patients’ clinical state. The protocol also provides a channel switching mechanism and the capacity of forwarding frames in two-tier network structures.

Other Projects

Mobile banking
The Mobile Banking App truly allows you to bank on the go. View account balance, generate Debit Card PIN, transfer funds instantly with PAYA, pay bills and so much more. Currently, the mobile banking system has more than 3,000,000 active end users with an average of 800,000 transactions per day. The card gateway system has more than 100,000 transactions per day.
BioPay is a prepayment system trough Bio-metric fingerprint and Face recognition; It is also equipped with NFC technology which enabled customer to do his/her payment via smartphone. The BioPay system is the real alternative to money and credit cards use and gives facilities, security, speed and comfort to payments in kiosk banking. so customers can use this bio-metric payment solution in any of these associated kiosks, making easy customers loyalty.
Virtual-World Mobile Solution
With millions of global interactions already at the point of sale, Virtual-World mobile solutions empower mobile commerce by simplifying the integration of mobile devices, software and platforms. Virtual-World offers a wide range of solutions that impact and influence every facet of mobile commerce, including mobile payment, mobile retail, mobile platforms. Virtual-World works on iPads, iPad Minis, 7- and 10-inch Android tablets and Android phones.
Dandelion is a J2EE multi-tier application which use technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Soap web services in order to provide a tool to inform people and departments about any event via SMS, email and Soap web services.
The Top-Up Solutions (TUS) proposed to achieve Irancell and MCI services via mobile and The Internet. Operating across City Bank gateways, The TUS has proven to be robust and reliable. The TUS are designed to make selling prepaid utilities convenient and easy to use and control, where ever you are in the world, as our company can support your every requirement. The TUS used java language and Spring for integration layer and Hibernate as ORM.
CorpoMate is a multi-tier application which on data layer uses Hibernate ORM and Soap web service client to access to the core banking data base and services in order to sync its data with core's data, on business layer corporate engine uses Drools rule engine to organize the business rules and in presentation layer we make use of prime faces to convey the concept and facilitate end users with their required interfaces.