Cinque Terre

Sahar Mehrpour

Room 4404
Engineering Building, George Mason University
Fairfax, VA
email: smehrpou AT gmu DOT edu

About Me

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the George Mason University under supervision of Dr. Thomas LaToza in Developer Experience Design Lab.


I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Sharif University of Technology, Iran (2011). I continued my graduate studies at Sharif University of Technology under supervision of Dr. Alireza Zarei (2013) and at the University of Manitoba under supervision of Dr. Stephane Durocher (2016). I was a member of the Computational Geometry Lab. I studied at the University of Utah from August 2016 to May 2017.


Emad, Abdulaziz and I participated in PatriotHacks and won the first place in Informed XP challenge!

I attended the VL/HCC 2019 at Memphis, TN and presented my paper Active Documentation: Helping Developers Follow Design Decisions. Slides

Our paper Active Documentation: Helping Developers Follow Design Decisions will appear in VL/HCC 2019.


My research is studying the barriers developers face when working with design decisions and examine possible solutions. I am exploring approaches to help developers document their decisions with minimum overhead and maximum benefits!

Active Documentation: Helping Developers Follow Design Decisions

Good documentation has long been argued to be key to helping developers write code more quickly and consistently with design decisions, but is left largely disconnected from code. We propose a method for active documentation, where design decisions are made explicit as design rules and checked against code. Developers can discover how to follow a design rule by navigating to examples in their codebase. After editing code, developers receive immediate feedback about which design rules are satisfied and which are violated, notifying developers who miss design decisions about the existence of these design decisions.

Sahar Mehrpour, Thomas D. LaToza, Rahul K. Kindi.