Publications from CORI and its sponsoring sections of the American Anthropological Association that relate to the Maintaining Refuge theme of 2017 to 2018.

Comments on an ASAP Facebook refugee-related discussion, link HERE

An ASAP column: "Stemming Refugee Flows, Warehousing Refugee Souls" by Maurizio Albahari, link HERE

A SUNTA column: "Questions of Refugee Deservedness: The Anthropologist as Ally" by Kelly A. Yotebieng, link HERE

A recent SUNTA photo essay on refugees: "Photographing African Migration to Sicily" by Alex Polydoroff, link HERE

A first set of CORI essays on Maintaining Refuge was published as an Anthropology News "In Focus" segment in 2017. These have now been archived to AnthroSource,

  • "Introduction” by Jayne Howell, David Haines, and Fethi Keles
  • "The Hidden Costs of Reducing Refugee Arrivals" by Chris Partridge
  • "Migrant Resilience and Refuge in the Trump Era" by Denise Brennan
  • "Ethnic Refuge" by Anna Jaysane-Darr
  • "The Sanctuary Tradition Continues" by Linda Rabben
  • "Transnational Connections" by Stacey Pickering and Catherine Nolin

Two additional CORI essays on Maintaining Refuge were published in Anthropology News in August 2018. The following link may still be active HERE

  • "Fifty Years of Refuge in the Gaza Camp" by Michael Vicente Pérez and Elena Boffetta
  • "Australia’s Values-Based Asylum Activism" by Helena Zeweri

A complete volume of twenty-one essays has now been published in print and online: Maintaining Refuge: Anthropological Reflections in Uncertain Times, edited by David Haines, Jayne Howell, and Fethi Keles. The link is HERE

For subsequent CORI-related publications, see the SUNTA web page (

Earlier publications by the Committee on Refugees and Immigrants include the following:

Selected papers:

Volume 9 (Negotiating Transnationalism), edited by MaryCarol Hopkins and Nancy Wellmeier (2001).

Volume 8 (Rethinking Refuge and Displacement), edited by Elzbieta M. Gozdziak and Dianna J. Shandy (2001).

Volume 7 (Negotiating Power and Place at the Margins), edited by Juliene G. Lipson and Lucia Ann McSpadden (1999).

Volume 6 (Diasporic Identity), edited by Carol Mortland (1998).

Volume 5 (Beyond Boundaries), edited by Diane Baxter and Ruth Krulfeld (1997).

Volume 4, edited by Ann M. Rynearson and James Phillips (1996).

Volume 3, edited by Amy Zaharlick and Jeffery L. MacDonald (1994).

Volume 2, edited by MaryCarol Hopkins and Nancy D. Donnelly (1993).

Volume 1, edited by Pamela A. Devoe (1992).

CORI also published:

Refugee Empowerment and Organizational Change, edited by Peter W. Van Arsdale (1993).