OM 301/303            Operations Management  
MBA 638             Operations Management
EMBA 638             Operations Management
Core undergraduate course covering inventory, queuing, supply chain, project management, quality and lean. 
Core MBA class covering topics such as services management, product development, inventory, queuing, supply chain, quality and lean.  Play Littlefield Labs simulation.
Face-to-face and online courses include operations strategy, iservices management, inventory, queueing, quality and lean.
Operations, Supply Chains, Technology and Innovation
My teaching interests include operations and supply chain management, as well as the management of technology and new product development. I have taught at the undergraduate, MBA, and executive levels.

I use a variety of methods including experiential games, web based simulations, lecture, video, and problem solving.
MBA 723                   Supply Chain Management
MBA 730                   Management of Technology and Innovation Processes
Explores the key issues associated with the design and management of Supply Chains, providing an overview of the concepts and decision processes in effectively managing the flow of goods, services, and information in a global environment. Firms procure, produce, and sell globally, requiring ever increasing amounts of coordination within the firm and with supply chain partners. Technology has provided the ability to “see” the supply chain and share information with partners.Huge gains have been achieved through supply chain innovations, highlighting the strategic and financial importance of the supply chain.
Introduces concepts and frameworks for analyzing how firms can create, commercialize and capture value from products and services. We cover the formulation of innovation strategies, the process of developing new products and services, and how to create and manage an innovative organization to drive revenue growth. We discuss traditional internal R&D, as well as the concepts of open innovation and innovation tournaments as ways to create and select new opportunities for innovation.