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What are Supercomputers used for?

Picture obtained from University of Illinois WW2010 Project

Supercomputers are used for many different things in today’s society. For example, supercomputers are used to help predict the weather. Meteorologists use them to do research on the climate and global warming. Scientist use them for molecular modeling, which gives them the opportunity to compute the structures and properties of biological compounds. Supercomputers are also used for simulations, for example, the effect of wind and turbulence on an airplane; and the simulation of the effect of a nuclear weapon if it were to be detonated. (Wikipedia) The military also uses supercomputers for many different reasons. The US Army Tank-Automotive Command-Tank Automotive Research Development & Engineering Center uses supercomputers to test new vehicles being engineered, to see how they will function in combat. They also use them to give soldiers a simulation of how it will be in the new vehicle, and how he/she needs to react in certain situations. Supercomputers are also used for military pilots who go into a simulator to see how to react during combat situation. (National Defense Magazine) Supercomputers are used by many different people for many different reasons, which shows the reliance that humans have on computers.