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Considerations When Creating a Web Page
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© Virginia Montecino 1996

1. What impression do I want to create?

2. Is this going to be a professional or personal web page?

3. What is the purpose for this web page?

4. Who is my primary audience?

5. What kinds of browsers are most often used by these people?  Could they load memory hogging graphics or handle frames?

6. How does my site's design look when viewed on these browsers?

7. How will I organize my information and my links so my Web page hang together as a cohesive web site and is not just a jumble of various items?

8. What kinds of links do I want to have?

9. What are some possible web sites that I might use as models?

10. Have I gotten permission to link to someone else's page?

11. Have I gotten permission to use logos and/or graphics?

12. Are my graphics appropriate for my purpose?

  • relevant to my themes
  • not too many
  • in proportion
  • do not take a long time to load
12. Are my text, link, and background colors appropriate for my purpose?
  • relevant to my themes
  • easy to read text and graphics
  • not too much (or little) contrast between colors
  • link color differs enough from regular text 
13. Is my Web page user friendly? Or is it confusing to navigate through the various components?
  • has a consistent interface
  • has easy to find links
  • has links to return to the home page
  • has an email address of the sponsor or contact person
14. Does my Web Page have appropriate language and graphics? (Remember Web pages can have a worldwide audience)?

15. Will I be adding pages to my site in the future? If so, how might additions affect site clarity,   navigation, and ease of use?

16. What design modifications might help the site "grow" gracefully?

Note: Get responses to a preliminary version of your Web page from people who fit the profile of your audience/s.

[picture of a row of leaves]
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