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Computer-mediated Teaching and Learning 
Resources and Scholarship

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GMU Teaching and Learning with Technology Resources

GMU technology resources

Townhall documentation for Web based class meetings

WebCt - documentation for Web based class meetings
Teaching and Learning Resources - Shareable Educational Resources on the Web

Associations / Scholarship / Teaching Resources / Women in Computing / more...

Classroom Assessment: measuring learning at George Mason University

Computer-Mediated Communication, using it  in the Classroom - Virginia Montecino

Computer-Mediated Learning Platforms -Technology Tools

Computer Teaching Tips - Steve Krause at Eastern Michigan Univesity

Copyright and the Internet

Cyberculture Resources and Bibliography - Virginia Montecino

Cyberstress: Asynchronous Anxiety or Worried in Cyberspace - Crouch and Montecino, presented at conference on Trends and Issues in Online Instruction

Distance Learning Bibliography - Virginia Montecino

Distance Learning Resources - Virginia Montecino

Education and Technology Resources - research, copyright, web site evaluation, resources in the disicplines, more.... Virginia Montecino

An Educator's Guide to Evaluating The Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms - US Dept of Education

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Human Subjects Research in Cyberspace - American  Association for the Advancement of Science, Program in Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law

Guidelines for Computer-Mediated Distance Learning

Guidelines for Evaluating non-Web Resources

Guidelines for Evaluating Web Resources

Guidelines for Student Web Pages - protections/precautions - Virginia Montecino

"How-to" Technology Instructions and Resources - (extensive - some specific to GMU)
  Impact of the Internet on Learning & Teaching - "a report from the "frontliner" of e-learning" Hossein Arsham 

Incorporating Writing Assignments Into Engineering and Science Courses - Michael Alley and Leslie Crowley

Instructional Technology Connections -  Univ. of Colorade, Denver, School of Education

Instructor's Guide to Internet Plagiarism

Internet Terminology, basic- Virginia Montecino

Internet What Is It ?- Some Ways to Use it in the Classroom - Virginia Montecino

Kairos 5.2 - Pedagogy, Practice, and the Technology of Writing: Effective K-16 Computer-Mediated Teacher and Student Training Strategies. Carole Clark Papper,Susan K. Reynolds, Rich Rice

A Learning Community in Cyberspace: Computer-Mediated Distance Learning Composition - Montecino, Crouch.  Symposium on "E-Mail, the WEB, and MOOs: Developing the Writing Skills of University Students in Cyberspace," by the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

MOOs and MUDs - MultiUser Dimension Object-Oriented Technology for digital communication

Plagiarism- Instructor's Guide to Plagiarism on the Internet - submit papers to determine if they are copied from the Internet or from another class - free trial period

Reflections on Teaching a Distance Learning Composition Course - Virginia Montecino

Resources for Writers and Teachers - The Writer's Center at Colorado State University

Rising Stars in Virtual Education: A Peek into 2010</a> by James Shimabukuro,in VISION, Nov/Dec 2002

Search Engines, Guide to, explanation of Boolean logic

Software for Computer-mediated Teaching and Learning

"So You Want to Teach with Technology..." - Jane Paznik-Bondarin

SITE (Studio Instructional Technology English Studies) - Dept. of English, U. of N. Carolina

SurveyMonkey - enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily

Teaching with Electronic Technology - "general and theoretical resources to some instructive examples of specific applications of technology to teaching and learning" - Michael Hall

Web-Based Education Commission - established by Congress to develop specific policy recommendations geared toward maximizing the educational promise of the Internet for pre-K, elementary, middle, secondary, and postsecondary education learners

Web Browsing, Introduction to - Virginia Montecino

Web Teaching at Dartmouth College - "for educators and instructional technologists who are interested in exploring the many different facets of using the Web in the curriculum"

Who Owns Online Courses and Course Materials?:Intellectual Property Policies for a New Learning Environment - Carol A. Twigg
©The Pew Learning and Technology Program 2000, Sponsored by a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts. Center for Academic Transformation Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
  Writing in the Arts and Sciences at Marquette- A Sampling of Advice from Faculty from Marquette Univ.

Writing, Research documentation - Virginia Montecino



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