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UNIX Commands
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cat filename Display a file's contents to screen
cat filename | more Display, screen by screen
cd Change to home directory
cd pathname Change to directory you specify
cd .. [space between dots] Move up one directory 
chwhois Change your data in whois database
cp oldname newname Copy a file [and rename, if desired]
CTRL D [Hold down Ctrl key, Press D Delete text one letter at a time
CTRL K , CTRL U Delete a line of text, Undelete text
CTRL L Clean screen from old text
CTRL W same as r and CTRL-L
finger [userid] or [lastname] Finger user information [select one]
gmudial  Get dial-in instruction to reach GMU
grep string filename Search for a string in a file
logout log out of OSF1/Mason2 and system
lpr -Pportrait filename Print to the laser printer
lpr -Plandscape Print sideways to the laser printer
lpr -Pscript filename Print a postscript file
ls List files in current directory
ls -a List all files in current directory
ls -l List files in long format in current dir
ls -la List all files in long format in curr dir
ls -lR List all files in long format in all dir
lynx http://name of URL Access WWW: text version/no graphics
man [cmd] [topic]  Get help on commands or topics
man -keyword Get help using a keyword
mkdir name- of-directory Make a new directory [and name it]
more filename Make a file appear screen by screen
mv oldname newname Rename or Move a file
passwd Start to changing your password
pico filename Edit or create a unix file with the pico text editor
pine Enter pine program: edit / send e-mail
pwd Displays full pathname of current dir
quota Displays space allowed/used in acct
r Clean screen from old text
rm filename Delete a file [can be dangerous!!]
rmdir dirname Remove the directory named
tail filename  Displays the last few lines of a file
users Lists all users logged on
who Who is on the system
whois -h lastname Displays info on a GMU user
write  Write to another user
w|more  Lists present users on-line
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