Latest News from Dr. Pegion's Group

Alumni Patrick Staton joins the Data Science and Informatics Group at the Unversity of Alabama-Huntsville

Jan 2017

Dr. Pegion and Dr. Selman Present Research at CLIVAR Open Science Conference in Qingdao, China

Sep 2016

Dr. Pegion joins NOAA/MAPP S2S Task Force

August 2016

Climate Dynamics PhD Student Teresa Cicerone attends NCAR/CESM Workshop in Boulder, CO

August 2016

US CLIVAR PPAI Panel holds annual meeting in Washington, DC

July 2016

Dr. Pegion awarded two NOAA Grants

May 2016

Two projects focused on subseasonal multi-model ensemble prediction were awarded to Dr. Pegion and Colleagues. The two projects, "Developing a Real-Time Multi-Model Sub-Seasonal Predictive Capability" and "Sub-Seasonal Prediction with CCSM4" are part of the NOAA/MAPP/Climate Testbed Subseasonal Experiment (SubX) focused on retrospective and real-time predictions of weekly weather and climate. These projects will support two Climate Dynamics PhD Students.

Student Spotlight: Patrick Staton

Apr 2016

Earth System Science graduate student Patrick Staton will give his Master's project presentation on Apr 19. His project, "A Shift in Attitudes for a Shift in Climate", investigates how learning about climate science impacts students attitudes about climate change.

Poster Cluster on "Understanding and Predicting Subseasonal Extremes" at CLIVAR Open Science Conference

Mar 2016

US CLIVAR PPAI Panel Co-Chairs Simon Wang (Utah State University) and Kathy Pegion (GMU) are co-convening a poster cluster at the CLIVAR Open Science Conference. Submit your abstract to our poster cluster.

AMS Session on Multimodel Ensemble Predictability and Prediction

Jan 2016

Dr. Kathy Pegion convened a session with colleagues on Multimodel Ensemble Predictability and Prediction at the American Meteorological Society Meeting in New Orleans.

Dr. Pegion attends AGU Fall Meeting

Dec 2015

Dr. Kathy Pegion gave an invited presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting on the future plans for a subseasonal North American Multi-model Ensemb le Prediction system and Co-convened a Session on the El Nino Southern Oscillation Continuum.

Dr. Pegion gives Presentation at ECMWF

Nov 2015

Dr. Kathy Pegion gave an invited presentation at the ECMWF Subseasonal to Seasonal Workshop in Reading, UK. Her talk was on current efforts and future plans of the North American Multi-model Ense mble(NMME), specifically plans to develop a subseasonal NMME prediction system. Read More ...

Sustainability at COLA

Oct 2015

At COLA, students, faculty, and staff don't just study climate, we care about the planet Earth and are commited to doing our part to reduce our impact. Dr. Pegion leads the COLA sustainability efforts. We are certified as a Green Office at the Silver level and are working to increase our level to Gold through efforts such as composting, recycling electronics, and reducing our energy usage. Read More ...

Seasonal sea surface temperature anomaly prediction for coastal ecosystems published in Progress in Oceanography

Sep 2015

"Sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies are often both leading indicators and important drivers of mar- ine resource fluctuations. Assessment of the skill of SST anomaly forecasts within coastal ecosystems accounting for the majority of global fish yields, however, has been minimal. This reflects coarse global forecast system resolution and past emphasis on the predictability of ocean basin-scale SST variations. This paper assesses monthly to inter-annual SST anomaly predictions in coastal Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs)." Read More...

Welcome Dr. Chris Selman

Sep 2015

Dr. Chris Selman joins the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies as a postdoctoral research scientist. He received his PhD in 2015 from Florida State University. He has broad expertise in climate variability at regional and global scales. He is working on ENSO Precursors with Dr. Pegion.

PPAI Panel Meets at US CLIVAR Summit

The US CLIVAR Predictability, Prediction, Applications Interface panel, co-chaired by Dr. Pegion, met during the US CLIVAR Summit in Tucson, AZ. The science topics included: ENSO monitoring, analysis, and prediction challenges, Global Warming Hiatus, Systems Sensitive to Decadal Variations, Climate and Extreme Events: Dynamics and Predictability, Quantifying Improvements in Prediction/Projections, and Applications Interface. The agenda and presentations are available here.

PhD Student Akiko Elders attends CESM Tutorial

Akiko Elders, Climate Dynamics PhD student advised by Dr. Pegion, attended the CESM Tutorial hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO

Dr. Pegion awarded grant from NOAA

Apr 2015

Dr. Pegion was recently awarded funding from the NOAA/Climate Program Office, Modeling Analysis Predictions and Projections Program on "Identifying and Assessing Gaps in Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Skill"

Dr. Pegion co-organizes workshop on subseasonal NMME

Mar 2015

Dr. Pegion co-organized a workshop focused on the development of a subseasonal North American Multi-moodel Ensemble Prediction System. Read More ...


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