Letters from
the Boys

Wisconsin World War I Soldiers
Write Home

By Carrie A. Meyer
Wisconsin Historical Society Press,



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"a book well worth reading to understand better a time in America that is often misunderstood." Dave Zweifel, Editor Emeritus, The Capital Times, Madison, WI

"Author Carrie Meyer has certainly done an excellent job in putting out to the public a book that tells the WW1 stories of our grandparents, great uncles and aunts. The letters she worked with make you feel like you are sitting in a room with the veterans, hearing them relate their stories just to you. The veterans' stories make you laugh, smile, cry, and wish you had known each one of them in person." Kim Tschudy, The Post Messenger Recorder, New Glarus, WI

"The voices heard from a century ago are articulate and many were employed as war correspondents of convenience by the press back home." David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express, Milwaukee, WI.