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FALL 2016:

Dr. Kellie Perry, Thesis: "Host Gene Variants as Biomarkers for Stratification of Patients with Viral and Non-Viral Liver Disease"

Can Kural, MS student (BINF), Thesis: "Pathways of Aging: Comparative Analysis of Gene SIgnatures in Replicative Senescence and Stress Induced Premature Senescence"

Shreya Nagesh, MS student (BINF), Project: %quot;Bioinformatics Study on Current Rare Genetic Disorders Databases - Mining to Create a Collaborative One-Step-Information Database"

Elizabeth Annie Jones, MS student, Project: "Whole Genome Solutions in Aquaculture"

SUMMER 2016:

Jesse Villareal, MS student, Project: "Comparative Anatomy of Brown and White Adipose Tissue"

Cameron Albert, MS student, Project: "Host Genotypes Predisposing to Various Viral Infection: Common Trends and Healthcare Lessons"

SPRING 2016:

Anudeep Sharma Marupaka, MS student (BINF), Project: "PrimerBot specific primer design application with BLAST algorithm"

Purnima Pyarasani, MS student (BINF), Project: "Effect of artificial sweeteners on gut microbiota"

Sean McCormally, MS student, Project: %quot;An Investigation of Interstitial Cystitis through its Biomarkers"

Tiffany Nguyen, MS student (BINF), Thesis: "Turner's Syndrome Research Database (TSRD): Turner's Syndrome Phenotypic and Clinical Data Consolidation for Database Development"

FALL 2015:

Dr. Massih Abawi,"Hormonal imbalance in morbidly obese bariatric patients with liver steatosis and non-alcoholic hepatitis"

Keerthi Gullapalli, MS student, Project: "Mitochondrial DNA mutations in PBMCs of patients with age-related pathologies"

Mahder Teka, MS student (BINF), Project: "Systematic Analysis of the Top 15 mutated genes in NSCLC"

SUMMER 2015:

Andrew Riggleman, MS student, Project: "The detection of 8-oxodeoxyguanosine in mitochondrial DNA"

Michael-Angelo Orciga, MS student, Project: "The Role of Leptin and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 in the Interplay Between Metabolic Syndrome and PCOS"

FALL 2014:

Supol Phalalong, MS student (BINF), Project: "Genome assembly of Plasmodium ovale using shorts paired reads"

Kevin Arvai, MS student (BINF), Project: "Prioritization of NGS tumor suppressor gene candidates for familial Esophageal Carcinoma"

Gregory Rice, MS student (BINF), Project: "Whole-exome sequencing analysis of the familial esophageal squamous cell carcinoma"

Dr. Afshin Sohrabi,"Arthritic cell based assay model for measuring inflammatory response to therapeutic agents"

SUMMER 2014:

Kianush Jeiran, MS student, THESIS: "Mitochondrial Haplogroups In Obese Patients Predisposed To Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFLD) "

Chris Yesmont, MS student, THESIS: "A Phylogenomic Analysis of the Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) and Tundra Swan (Cygnus columbianus columbianus)"

SPRING 2014:

Maria Keaton, MS Student, THESIS: "A Study of the Inflammation and the Brown Adipose Tissue Embeded in Visceral Adipose of Obese Patients%quot;

SPRING 2013:

Dr. Rohini Mehta, "A Role of Visceral Adipose and Gastric Tissue in Inflammatory Conditions Associated with Metabolic Syndrome"

Dr. Yvette S Connell-Albert,“A role of the pannexins in the development of the astrocytic tumors” (with Dr. Reilly)

Thuy Tran, MS Student, THESIS: "Molecular Interactions of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) With Metabolic Syndrome and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)"

Amir Shamsaddini, MS student (BINF), Project: "NHANES analysis of environmental factors contributing to breast carcinoma%quot;

Anima Sharma, MS Student, THESIS: "A Study of RNA Editing in Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and Endotheliocytes by NextGen Sequencing"

Leah Byars, MS student, THESIS: "Investigations Into the Association of IL28B Genotype and the Metabolic Profile of Patients With and Without Chronic Hepatitis C "

Amir Shamsad, MS student (BINF), Project: "Role of environmental factors in prevelance of Breast Cancer."

Christine McGown, MS student, Project: An exploration of possibility that RNA editing state of TLR receptors in plasmacytoid dendritic cells relates to their cytokine production

SUMMER 2012:

Dr. David Armistead, Thesis: "Differential Expression of microRNAs in the Visceral Adipose of Patients with NASH, Pericellular Fibrosis and Type II Diabetes"

SPRING 2012:

Tim Stotish, M.S., Project: "Brown adipose tissue in human obesity and metabolic syndrome: A systematic review"

Kenan Ozkan, M.S., Project: "Evaluation of the Current Definition of Normal Levels of ALT and AST in Non-alcoholic Liver Disease"

Sarath Banu Krishna Murthy, MS student (BINF), Topic: An analysis of co-expression patterns of KCNRG gene using Oncomine.

FALL 2011:

Haveesh Sharma M.S., Project: "Expression of miRNAs and genes for miRNA processing proteins in patients with various forms of chronic liver disease"

Dr. Sandra Page, Thesis: "Novel Biomarkers For Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Associated Symptoms"

SPRING 2011:

Elizabeth Eom M.S., Project: Preservation of serum and mRNA samples for downstream high-throughput studies

FALL 2010:

Stephanie Coon, M.S., Thesis: "A search for KCNRG mutations in multiple myeloma cell lines"

Amanda Zirzow M.S., Thesis: Nanoscale DNA/protein baskets for efficacious delivery of siRNA particles

SUMMER 2010:

Katherine Doyle, M.S. Project: “Selection of the phage display antibodies against Bacillus anthracis protective antigen"

FALL 2009:

Dr. Ganiraju Manyam, Thesis: "In silico study of the expression patterns associated with tumor development"

Shanna Bolden, M.S. Project: “Gut microbiota, inflammatory cytokines and gut hormones as confounding factors in the progression of the obesity"

Elizabeth Nohelty, M.S. Thesis: “C6ORF173 as an oncogene crucial for the progression of the breast carcinoma"

SPRING 2009:

Lance Batchelor, M.S. Project: “A possibility of theraputic siRNA delivery inside DNA baskets"

FALL 2008:

Dr. Aybike Birerdinc Thesis: KCNRG as tumor suppressor gene for CLL and MM'

SUMMER 2008:

Dr. Manpreet Kaur Randhawa Thesis: “Ectopic synthesis of melanin in adipose from morbidly obese subjects

SPRING 2008:

Dr. James Michael Estep Thesis: "A role of the adipose in the liver fibrosis development"

John King, MS student (BINF), Thesis: "Comparison of gene expression patterns in progressive breast carcinoma and the adjacent stromal microenvironment"

FALL 2007:

Dr. Mohammed Hussein Jarrar Thesis: “A role of proinflammatory cytokines produced by excessive adipose in the development of the Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis

SPRING 2006:

Djanira Murchison, M.S. Project: “Genotypic and phenotypic descriptions of RPMI-8226, HL-60 and LnCaP cell lines"

SPRING 2005:

Steven King, M.S. Project: “Real-time PCR as confirmation of microarray analysys in studies of differential gene expression in adipose tissue and ovarian carcinomas"

David (Nick) Shahan, M.S. Project: “The physiological effects of transporting proteins and their putative link to obesity"


Our lab is actively collaborating with the Functional Genomics Group at Russian Center of Medical Genetics (Director: Prof. E.K. Ginter).

  • Dr. Mikler Skoblov (Group Leader)
  • Dr. Anna Guskova (Research Scientist)
  • Dr. Andre Marakhonov (Research Scientist)
  • Dr. Natalya Sadovskaya (Research Scientist)
  • Victoria Serzhanova (now doing an internship at the lab of Dr. Erica Golemis)

Students graduated frOm the lab and former associates:

  • Catherine Nguyenngo, Undergraduate student
  • Ricchesh Guragain, Undergraduate student
  • Shobha Gowder, Research Assistant, now in ATCC
  • Dr. Tariq Alsheddi (graduated from PhD program in Bioinformatics)
  • Babu Pusulury (MS student)
  • Lesya Geraymovitch (Undergraduate, now graduated from VCU MedSchool)
  • Francisco Otaizo (BS student, now in ATCC)
  • Ivan Panov (Undergraduate)
  • Irene Fanous (Undergraduate)
  • Fauzia Tasleima Jones (Undergraduate)
  • Stephanie Schmidt (now in the Veterinary School)
  • Ben Ranard
  • Darshan Desai
  • Reem Al-Hussain, Undergraduate student
  • Surya Sundar, ASSIP student
  • Sophie Ham, Undergraduate student volunteer, NYU

PhD students graduated from the Functional Genomics lab after completion of the collaborative projects with Ancha’s lab in George Mason University:

  • Dr. Andre Marakhonov, Topic: “Anti-sense regulation of human transcription on the genomic scale”. Now: Post-doc Researcher in Dr. Skoblov’s lab in Russian Center for Medical Genetics, Moscow, Russia.
  • Dr. Dmitry Ivanov, Topic: “RFP2 and other TSG candidates located in 13q14 often deleted in human cancers”. Now: Post-doc Researcher in Dr. Shestopalov’s lab in" Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, FL, USA
  • Dr. Andrey Lobashev, Topic: In silico screening for tumor-specific expressed sequences in human genome. Now: AndyVortex, official fan-club page of Arida Vortex
  • Dr. Natalya Makeeva, Topic: “Comparative analysis of the 13q14.3 region often deleted in CLL and other human malignancies”. Now: Post-doc Researcher in Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Dr. Anna Pestova, Topic: “Comparative analysis of the pannexin encoding genes in human and rodent genomes”. Now: ?
  • Dr. Skoblov and Dr. Tiazhelova have also graduated from the same lab. They are currently working in the Russian Center for Medical Genetics, Moscow, Russia.
  • Dr. Andrey Lobashev, Topic: "In silico screening for tumor-specific expressed sequences in human genome". Now: AndyVortex, official fan-club page of Arida Vortex


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