ENGLISH 685:002  /  SUSAN TICHY  /  FALL 2005



Dec 15: Due to the uncertain weather forecast, I've extended the deadline for the final paper to 7:00 pm on Friday, December 16. In my mailbox in the English Department, please. Do not put it under my office door. Repeat: do not put it under my office door. Please ask any staff or faculty member who happens to be around to initial and time/date your paper before you put it in the box. This protects us both, in case the paper goes missing -- which happens more often than you would think.

Nov 9: A reminder that your paper is encouraged for this Thursday, Nov 10, and absolutely required by next Thursday, Nov 17. No exceptions.

Because we are behind schedule, we'll need to schedule an out-of-class time to talk about work by poet and conceptual artist Ian Hamilton Finlay. You'll find details on the page for Week 11. You have text re: Finlay in your bookstore photocopies (original packet, I believe) and the book of photographs is at the JC Reserve Desk. Finlay is unique and uniquely fascinating. I think you'll enjoy being introduced to his work.

At the same meeting, we'll talk about the James Tatum essay, "Mourners and Monuments," listed in the reading for Week 15. This essay looks at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (the Wall) almost as if it, too, were a monumental poem. This essay is available at the bookstore, in a separate packet.

Think about your schedule & please be as flexible as possible when we try, in class, to agree on a time to meet. I think we'll need about an hour and a half.

Possibilities include Friday Nov 18 at 12:00 or at 4:30, or an afternoon or evening meeting on Saturday Nov 19, Sunday Nov 20, or Monday Nov 21 (though it may be hard to find a room on Monday). The following weekend is Thanksgiving.

Oct 20:  Two things: Revised schedule & a note on photocopies at the book store

The book store has the two readings on Stevens and the Kenner reading on Pound.

**They also have one reading for the Vietnam part of the course, "Monuments and Mourners." This one required copyright clearance, which means they will have to pay the publisher a fee for each copy they produce, whether they sell it or not. Since it's not part of a bound course reader, and since all the Stevens and Pound stuff is sitting over there mostly unsold at the moment, they will only make copies of "Monuments and Mourners" when you ask for them.

Revised Schedule:

Oct 20: Cummings, H.D.

Oct 27: Stevens, Pound

Nov 3: Oppen, including his response to Pound, begin Howe

Nov 11: Finish with Howe, look at Finlay pictures; no new reading except the small amount on Finlay; papers may be turned in today (recommended, unless you choose to write on Oppen or Howe) or Nov 17.

Nov 17: Reading as on the original schedule; all papers must be in by this day: no exceptions!

I've reduced the reading on Pound

Oct 5: Republished the page for Week 9 (Pound & Oppen), now with all its details.

Oct 3: Updated details for Weeks 8 & 11. Published Week 9 though it's still under construction. The Pound reading isn't finalized and I haven't yet posted any secondary reading for him.

Important: Look at the reading for Stevens (Week 8, Oct 20) and start looking for the book you'll need. I did not order this at the campus store b/c I thought many of you might have volumes of Stevens' poems. However, I've decided to include "Lettres d'un Soldat" which does not appear in all Stevens collections.

Sept 25: Added detail page for Week 8 (HD & Stevens) and updated page for Week 6 (British folk music). I also sent out an e-mail including notes for the songs on Disc A. If you did not receive it, send me an e-mail and I'll send it to you by Reply.

Sept 5: Added detail pages for Weeks 12-15 & the updated Bibliography page, & updated the Main Page with the new links.

August 27: To date, I've posted the Main Page, Guidelines, and the detail pages for Weeks 1-7 and Weeks 10-11. Some of these pages are updated from versions I posted earlier in the summer.