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Section 001 / Fall 2004 / Susan Tichy / Tuesday 7:20-10:00 / Place TBA

Site Map

Note: If you are reading this during the summer, some pages may not be present yet, or may be incomplete.

You will use the web site to keep track of what to read when, and where to find it. You'll also use it to keep track of assignment details and due dates. All begins on the Schedule.

From the main Schedule page you will travel by link to individual syllabus pages listing readings & details for each week of the semester. Links to on-line readings are on the detail pages. 

You will also find links on the main Schedule page to guidelines & requirements for your portfolio.

Whenever something changes -- a reading, a due date, a detail -- I will post the change on the Updates page. You should check this page at least weekly, whether or not I have sent an e-mail prompting you to do so.

On the Form & Genre Lists page you will find links to pages listing selected poems in the anthologies + a few additional poems you can access on line. [If you are reading this in summer, these are likely to be incomplete or unedited.]

Writing Exercises on the page of that name will help you with specific writing problems, such as writing in meter or developing rhyme and sound patterns. This page is part of my general web site, and is sorely in need of a facelift, but it does have some useful stuff. 

From the Susan Tichy's Main link you can access such things as tips on book searching, links to poetry web sites, and syllabi for my other courses, as well as my personal bio, list of publications, and so forth.