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Section 001 / Fall 2004 / Susan Tichy / Tuesday 7:20-10:00 / Thompson Hall 106


24 Nov:

Pages for weeks 11, 12, 13 are now updated and published. I also sent an e-mail providing links to some Cubist painting and collage work on line. If you did not receive that e-mail, let me know.

I am working on bringing the genre lists up to present time, in preparation for our discussions on the last day of class. I'll let you know when they are ready.

20 Sept:

We have a new room assignment: Robinson A106. See you there on Tuesday.

I'm sure you are confused about whether to bring poems to class on Tuesday, and, if so, how many copies. Sorry. We'll form small groups in class this week, though we may not have much time to spend on them. If you have a poem ready for your group, bring 4 copies. If not, plan to e-mail a poem to your group sometime after Tuesday. You should be planning to workshop metrical poems at this time.

You may also turn poems in to me, this week and next, and schedule a short conference for some time up to Oct 19. When you turn in poems, you may turn in several -- but, again, at this point in the semester please turn in metrical poems. From Oct 19 (when the midtern is due) till about Nov 9 (when I expect both the midterm and the first portfolio will be graded) I probably won't have time to discuss poems in conference. I'll resume conferences after Nov 9.

6 Sept: The lists are still growing, o/w no changes. I've been told we'll probably have a new room, but haven't yet heard where. This could come through Tuesday, when the department staff gets back to work, so check here before heading to class. If we're moving, I'll also leave a note at the door of Thompson 106

Here's a link to the book festival schedule.  Details and schedule changes are added as they become available, so check here often. http://www.fallforthebook.org

31 August: Change to reading assignments in first two weeks: same stuff, just moved one chapter from week 2 to week 3 & modified links to poem lists for Week 2; still working on the poem lists and several have been updated.

26 August: Poems Lists 1-4, 6 & 8 have been published, though still under construction;
+ page numbers corrected in the annotations to Fussell

4 August: General course information + detail pages for the first nine weeks have been published.