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I am an applied social scientist trained in cultural anthropology and human ecology with a focus on the complex issues of human-environment interactions.

I practice ethnography and use the contemporary theory intrinsic to human-ecological interactions, political ecology, sustainability studies and the politics of social change in my analyses.

My academic training, approach to teaching, and research orientation are interdisciplinary, as evidenced in my evolving research agenda, my publications to date, and my teaching.

The central theme of my research, teaching and service is the investigation into and fostering of sustainability* in our contemporary world. This theme guides me whether I am conducting research with inhabitants in northeastern Siberia, Russia or teaching a graduate course in a university setting. Click HERE to see my sustainability statement.

To date, I have conducted most of my field research in Asiatic Russia since 1988, and focusing in northeastern Siberia since 1991. Since 2007 I am developing a North American research agenda. Click HERE to see my research main page. I apply the concepts and practices of sustainability in my teaching and active service, especially in campus greening. Lastly, I am involved in several international working groups that focus on sustainability in the arctic.

* I define ‘sustainability’ as the short- and long-term capacity to not only use environmental resources in a regenerative way but also to embrace an ethic in all aspects of life that translates into social, economic and environmental balance.

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