TCOM515: IP Routing



Course Description:

This course will cover the various IP routing technologies used in current data communication networks.  Topics covered in this class include static routes, RIP, OSPF, BGP, and route redistribution and filters. The class includes lectures and labs; the labs will provide hands-on exercises to reinforce topics covered in the lectures.



Saeed Agbariah (lectures and lab session 1)       
Email: tcom515@gmail(dot)com


Office Hours: by appointment, email to setup appointment

Course Meeting Time:  4:30-7:10pm

Lecture: Mondays in Research I 202

Labs: Wednesday in Johnson Center (G10C)


Course Texts


1.  Routing TCP/IP Volume I, 2nd Edition, Jeff Doyle and Jennifer Carroll,

     ISBN: 1587052024

2.  BGP4 Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet, John W. Stewart
     ISBN: 0-201-37951-1



Routing TCP/IP Volume II, Jeff Doyle        ISBN: 1-57870-089-2


Course Grade Breakdown

Lab: 50%

Midterm: 25%

Final: 25%

Lowest lab grade will be dropped.


Lecture and labs

Lecture PowerPoint slides and lab procedures will be posted online or emailed prior to class/lab. 


Lab Preparation
Please print out and read the Lab Guidelines before coming to class. I also recommend bringing a USB flash drive or floppy disk if you wish to save your router configuration and output to use for the lab report.

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TCOM515: IP Routing, Lecture and Lab

Summer 2007


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