Rangeley Lakes Region
Logging Museum

In 1968, logger Rodney Richard watched as a Brown Paper Company foreman was about to push an old snubbing machine over a bank. "If you're going to do that," Rodney called out, "I'll take it home." He did and his dream of a logging museum began to take shape.

In 1979, Rodney, with a group of loggers, homemakers, and area residents, founded the Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum, intent on collecting materials and raising money for land and buildings.

Today, a three-story Main Building stands on an eighteen-acre site, just one mile east of Rangeley on Route 16.

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Richard Family
Wood Carvers of Rangeley



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Gaylon "Jeep" Wilcox of Rangeley

"The Woodland Bard"
Maine's Unique Storyteller

Traditional storyteller Gaylon "Jeep" Wilcox of Rangeley, Maine, weaves stories and poems together in his own very unique style.

He tells tales about experiences that are true, some that are not quite true, and some that are not true at all, but most relate to the people and the beauty of the Rangeley Lakes Region in the western mountains of Maine.