Gaylon "Jeep" Wilcox of Rangeley

Traditional storyteller Gaylon "Jeep" Wilcox of Rangeley, Maine, weaves stories and poems together in his own very unique style.

He tells tales about experiences that are true, some that are not quite true, and some that are not true at all, but most relate to the people and the beauty of the Rangeley Lakes Region in the western mountains of Maine. (For several poem titles, click here)

Jeep's performances are usually based on an hour-long presentation but can be adjusted to fit your needs. His storytelling is ideal for clubs, organizations, banquets, and group meetings.

Born and raised in Rangeley, Jeep has spent most of his life in the woods of the region, working as a woodsman, river driver, and more. He started writing story-poems on birch trees when he was ten and has been sharing his stories with people for over thirty years now.

Jeep has appeared at many different gatherings, such as the following:

* Numerous schools in Maine
* Several times at the Maine Festival
* New Year's Eve Celebration, Portland, ME
* Lowell Folk Festival, Lowell, MA
* Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA (2002)

He has been featured in several documentaries, exhibits, and articles, including the following:

* Peter Mehagen's "On the Road Again," TV 5, National TV
PBS Radio-Waterville, ME
* "Gather ‘Round: New England Storytelling," an exhibit by the Vermont Folklife Center, (2000)
* Article by folklorist Dr. Margaret Yocom: "‘Just call me Sandy, son': Poet Jeep Wilcox's tribute to Sandy Ives." Northeast Folklore: Essays in Honor of Edward D. Ives, ed. Pauleena MacDougall and David Taylor. Orono: University of Maine Press. (2000)

To contact Jeep Wilcox, please write or call:
P. O. Box 653
Rangeley, ME 04970
(207) 864-5260