These are my courses at George Mason University. Click on the links below for more information about these courses:

English 311: Writing Ethnography

English 333:  Folklore of the Americas

English 491:  Traditional Art, Traditional Artists

English 491:  Folklore and Gender

English 491:  Narratives of the Spirit World: The Lore of Ghosts and Fairies

English 591:  Traditional Narrative and Storytelling

English 591: Living Words: Folklore and Creative Writing

English 798: English and Scottish Traditional Ballads

The Northern Virginia Folklore Archive

Begun in 1977 when Professor Margaret Yocom started teaching at George Mason University, the Archive houses over 1,200 papers about folklore and folklife in Northern Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic region, and beyond. Here, you'll find stories about ghosts, local characters, workers in regional industries, and family members, as well as collections on ethnic and regional foodways, traditional art, folk medicine, and much more, all gathered by students in the folklore classes at GMU.


Folklore Programs at GMU


More to come soon!