Marilyn Y. Vazquez L.

Personal Interests

The Pond at the George Mason Fairfax Campus

My personal links

Patriot Web
Registration, add, dropp classes.

Off Campus Acess
Acess to journals on non-GMU computers.

Mason cluster and lab access.

Bible Resources
Bible study tools.

My random music
Playlists I created. They are really random, so beware.

The City Gates Church
Local Calvary Chapel affiliated church.

GMU Website Generator
Do you like my website? Well I created the template using this!

About Me

My background

I was raised in Southern California with a rich Mexican culture. While I love sharing my culture with others, I also love learning about other cultures. My favorite part of culture: food! I enjoy tasting food from different countries. Besides my culture, California also left in me the love for the outside, sunny days, and the beach. Like they say, "You can take the girl out of California, but you can not take California out of the girl."


Although math occupies most of my time, whenever I get a chance, I enjoy hiking, exploring new places, or just taking a nice long walk. I also play the bass, but do not take me for a professional. On that note, my taste for music is actually pretty broad. My graduate student years have sparked in me an interest for traveling, and while I have not done it too much, I plan to change that.

Math Involvement

Society for Industrial and Applied Math
Currently, I am the Executive Member for the local SIAM chapter. We have many activities throughout the semester that go from community outreaches to student panels and faculty symposia. The national organization also offers different opportunities to present your research and there are travel funding opportunities. If you are interested in becoming one of us, you can follow the link or email me.

Association for Women in Math
I am also an active member in our local AWM chapter. We are all about having a support system, mentoring each other, and giving our members (women and men) a platform to develop their leadership skills. If you are interested in becoming one of us, follow the link or email me. Note that we have an open policy for male members and we have active members from both genders.