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Report on Internet Topic

You will research and write a report on one aspect of the Internet (topics: social, political, legal, ethical, commercial, psychological and technical aspects of the Internet).  You will post your Internet report on your Web page. 

The topics will vary so that each student will address a different aspect of the Internet.  We will divide them up in such a way as to cover a broad overview of Internet issues. One student will investigate E commerce, another copyright issues, breakthrough Internet technology, and so on.....

The goals of this assignment are to help you :

  • become familiar with the cultural, legal, ethical, business and technical aspects of the Internet. 
  • enhance your research and documentation skills
  • differentiate between credible Internet information (possible resources for serious research) and questionable or biased sources in researching your subject.
  • develop your critical thinking skills and back up your conclusions with evidence.
  • discover ways to share your findings in a user-friendly, well organized Web presentation.
You will be graded on:
  • the currency and relevance of your information, including the annotated bibliography
  • the thoroughness of your report
  • your knowledge about the subject gained through your research
  • the organization of your material
  • the adherence to correct english
  • your ability to share the material to the class on  a user-friendly Web presentation
You will need to sufficiently narrow down your subject and do the appropriate research (Web and print).  Provide sufficient detail to support your findings.  Include links to all relevant Web sites which can illuminate your audience about your topic.  Include an annotated bibliography, with links to the relevant Web sites.

Information from sources needs to be documented in APA style. Observe copyright rules ( for content and graphics. 

Your report will only be as good as your information.  Below are some guides to help you do successful Internet and library searches and evaluate your sources for credibility.

How to use Search Engines
How to Evaluate Web Sources
How to Evaluate non Web-based sources
Guide to using the GMU Library

You may, if you like, include a short, Web-based Powerpoint presentation as part of your report.  Please review guidelines for an effective Powerpoint presentation.

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