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Instructions for Participating in the New Century College Student Listservs

First you need to activate your GMU email account, which is given to all GMU students. Follow these instructions to activate it and use it.

New Century College maintains two listservs for use by faculty, staff, and students. 

NCLC200x - for Freshman who entered in yr 2001, 2002 and so on...
NCLC - for all students in New Century College

These two lists are a very important means of communication among members of the College, and as such, all New Century College students are required to join the appropriate list.

The freshman list (NCLC200x) is created annually, and it is designated by the year in which students were admitted, for ex., NCLC2001. This list provides space for information and announcements about the first year curriculum, including assignments.

The general NCLC list (NCLC) is for NCC students who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This list is used to reach all students about important issues such as registration advising, internships, scholarship announcements, and graduation procedures.

1. Compose an e-mail message to:
2. Leave the “Subject” heading blank.  Under the “Message Text," send one of the following messages, depending upon which list you join:
To subscribe to the FRESHMEN list:

 sub   NCLC200x   Yourfirstname Yourlastname [If you are a freshman in NCC, substitute "Yourfirstname" and "Yourlastname" with your first and last name and substitute the "x" with the the year you began as a freshman in NCC.]

To subscribe to the ALL NCC STUDENTS list:
sub   NCLC   Yourfirstname Yourlastname [Substitute "Yourfirstname" and "Yourlastname" with your first and last name.]
For example:  sub  NCLC  Jane Doe [Substitute "Jane Doe" with your name.]
3. Send the message.
4. Once you have successfully subscribed, you will receive a confirmation message and begin to receive messages sent to the list.
5. To send a message to everyone on the list, send your message to the list you subscribed to.  For example, in the “To:” area, type: [Be sure you substitute the "x" with the year you began as a freshman.]

You must type the whole line for the message to be sent correctly. And, you must send your message from the account you used when you subscribed to the list.

Note: Remember that everyone who subscribed to the lists can see your message. You will want to think about audience appropriate postings. These lists are not the forums to post private emails to friends.