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Bibliography of Text-based Metaphor Resources
updated Aug 2008
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Also see: online metaphor resources in various disciplines.

My apologies for not having full biblio. info for all of the articles. This is a continuing process.
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Alice, Lynn. "Hot property: mutants, metaphors and radiation."Hecate.  Oct 1993 v19 n2 p39(21) an essay on cancer 

Archer, Maureen and Ronnie Cohen. "Leaving women out in left field: sports metaphors, women, and legal discourse." Women and Language.  Fall 1997 v20 n2 p2(5) 

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Science, Oct 5, 2001 v294 i5540 p86 

"Ban cyberspace." Economist. The Economist, London, Jun 21, 1997; Vol. 343, Iss. 8022; pg. S12, 1 pg [anonymous] This articles states the belief that the Internet language, based on poor metaphors, such as "cyberspace," "surf," "spiders," "bookmarks," "hits," "host," should be banned from the language. 

Beck, Lynn G. Understanding the principalship : metaphorical themes, 1920's-1990's. New York : Teachers College Press, 1993. 

"Big bangs and exploding cakes." New Scientist. May 8, 1993, v138n1872, p. 3. [anonymous] Scientific metaphors have their limits. Mistaking scientific metaphors for the mathematical truth is problematic. 

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David, Carol; Graham, Margaret Baker. "Conflicting values: Team management portrayed in epic metaphors". Journal of Business & Technical Communication. Jan 1997, v11n1, p. 24-48 (25 pages.) David and Graham analyzed a chief executive officer's extended epic metaphor used to build a corporate culture. The CEO's metaphoric language, which uses metaphors about competition and heroes is opposed to the principles the CEO intends to use in his organization: teamwork in management. 

Denes, Agnes. "Artistic vision and molecular genetics." Art Journal. Spring 1996, v55n1, p. 34-35 (2 pages). 
The artist discusses how she uses scientific images of genes and other scientific pictures to express human values in her art. 

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Eisenberg examines whether or not metaphors impede or enrich scientific writing and discussion. 

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Flohr, Udo. Avoid the Global Faux Pas. Byte. Mar 1997, v22n3, p. 102. 
Some icons, metaphors, and symbols that Internet developers use can be offensive and misunderstood by some cultures, thereby limiting the communication intended by these icons. 

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Giles, Timothy D.  "The Missing Metaphor."  Journal of Technical Writing and Communication.  31.4 (2001): 373-90. This study examines articles that heralded the cloning of the sheep Dolly  The study fails to identify a central metaphor for cloning, unlike many other scientific revolutions.  However, the articles are rife with a variety of other tropes.  The author speculates on the extent to which the lack of a central metaphor may point to problems with conveying the significance and value of cloning to the general public.

Goldberg, Adele E., ed. Conceptual structure, discourse, and language. Stanford, Calif.: CSLI Publications, 1996. 

Gould, Stephen Jay.  "Self-help for a hedgehog stuck on a molehill." Evolution June 1997 v51 n3 p1020(5). Gould informs about the Darwinian concept of evolution. 

Gozzi, Raymond Jr. "Artificial intelligence--Metaphor or oxymoron?" Et Cetera. Summer 1997, v54n2, p. 219-224 (6 pages). Computers are compared to the "thinking" brain of a human. As more limitations of computers becomes known, the metaphor may lose its usefulness as relates to language and semantics.

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a gatheriring of scholars at Boston University to find a metaphor for the modern age 

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O'Connell, Sanjida. The trouble with Piggy's specs. New Scientist, May 25, 1996 v150 n2031 p52(1). The scientific explanations in novels, such as the use of the concave lens of Piggy's spectacles to light a fire in William Golding's 'Lord of the flies,' poses problems. Works of art must have as correct as possible scientific metaphors. Correct scientific metaphors balanced with literary conventions can aid in perception of environmental issues. 

"Organic and mechanical metaphors in late eighteenth-century American political thought. "Harvard Law Review. June 1997 110 n8 p1832-1849. [anonymous] Metaphors of the body and the machine in late 18th century America were used to describe systems of interrelated parts of political institutions. The author argues that the two metaphors, organic and mechanical, were interrelated and show the balance that occurs in political institutions. 

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Rabkin, Jeremy.  The Culture War as Metaphor: The Need for Political Involvement. Current.  ISSUE: Number 416, October 1, 1999, p.11. The idea that there is a "culture war," is a misrepresentation of American history. This "culture war," says Rabkin, incorrectly assumes that the best option for religious fundamentalists is to remove themselves from the political scene. 

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Writers' attempts to describe the information superhighway using metaphors. 

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How tuberculosis and cancer are treated in literature. 

Stahl, Frieda A. Physics, language, and literature. The Physics Teacher, March 1997 v35 n3 p143(3). Stahl discusses ways to help humanities students to be more interested in the science by teaching a cross-disciplinary physics course that focuses on concepts and encourages students to develop metaphors for different physical principles.  

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Volume 19, Number 1,Fall  1999, pp. 79. 

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