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Metaphors in Various Disciplines
Bibliography of text-based metaphor resources 
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Making Sense of Metaphors: Visuality, Aurality,  and the Reconfiguration of American Legal Discourse - Professor Bernard J. Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Metaphors & Schemas in Design - Derek Sisson
Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf- George Lakoff
Metaphors We Compute By - John M. Lawler-  lecture delivered to the Informational Technology Division of the University of Michigan
Metaphor and Metonymy Abstracts
On-line discussions re: metaphors
Symposium: Theories and Metaphors of Cyberspace
The Theory of Cognitive Models - Lakoff
Writing About Metaphors in Your Discipline
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Bibliography of Text-based Metaphors in Arts and Sciences
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