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Also see: Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
Disability and Access | Digital Divide | Privacy, Ethics, Legal | Gender 
E-commerce | Virtual Community | Hypertext | Other cyber issues
updated Nov 2003
Accessiblity to Persons with Disabilities:
Accessibility on the Internet for Persons with Disabilities - United Nations Gateway to Social Policy and Development (http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/disacc00.htm)
Bobby - a web-based tool that analyzes web pages for their accessibility to people with disabilities. (http://www.cast.org/bobby/)
Information Technology and People with Disabilities: The Current State of Federal Accessibility - US Dept. of Justice (http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/508/report/content.htm)
Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone - Web guidelines for people with disabilities
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - W3C (http://www.microsoft.com/enable/dev/web/default.htm)
Digital Divide:
Americans in the Information Age Falling Through the Net - National Telecommunications and Information Association (http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/digitaldivide/index.html)
Digital Divide Network - research, grants, initiatives (http://www.DigitalDivideNetwork.org/)
Digital Divide - Gender - PBS (http://www.pbs.org/digitaldivide/gender-main.html)
Digital Divide series - PBS (http://www.pbs.org/digitaldivide/)
The Ever-Shifting Internet Population: A new look at Internet access and the digital divide - Amanda Lenhart, Pew Internet & American Life Project, April 2003 Full Report PDF file
Falling Through the Net - Digital Divide site - Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) (http://www.digitaldivide.gov/)
Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide - US Dept. of Commerce  National Telecommunications and Information Administration (inequities in who is connected) (http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/fttn99/)
From Access to Outcomes: Digital Divide Report - Morino Institute  (http://www.morino.org/divides/)
A NATION ONLINE: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet - Dept of Commerce (Feb 2002)
Privacy, ethics, encryption, legal issues:
1999 Report on Cyberstalking: A New Challenge for Law Enforcement and Industry - Aug 99, US Dept. Of Justice (http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/cybercrime/cyberstalking.htm)
Archives: an electronic civil liberties library - The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Online Civil Liberties Document Library (http://www.eff.org/archives.html)
Center for Democracy and Technology - "to enhance free expression and privacy in global communications technologies" (http://www.cdt.org/)
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) - Criminal Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice (http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/cybercrime/index.html)
Computer Ethics, Laws, Privacy Issues (extensive list of links) - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/eprivacy.htm)
. Copyright Issues and the Internet - Virginia Montecino  (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/cpyrght.htm)
Cyberspace Law Bibliography - The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy (http://www.gseis.ucla.edu/iclp/bib.html) 
Cyber-Liberties - ACLU (http://www.aclu.org/issues/cyber/)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org/)
Electronic Privacy Information Center (http://www.epic.org/)
Ethical and Legal Aspects of Human Subjects Research in Cyberspace - American Association for the Advancement of Science, Program in Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law (http://www.aaas.org/spp/dspp/sfrl/projects/intres/main.htm)
Hackers Hall of Fame - famous cases, arrests, penalities (http://www.discovery.com/area/technology/hackers/hackers.html)
Internet Fraud - US Dept. of Justice (http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/fraud/Internet.htm)
Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society (CIS) - part of the Law, Science and Technology Program (http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/)
Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
Disability and Access | Digital Divide | Privacy, Ethics, Legal | Gender 
E-commerce | Virtual Community | Hypertext | Other cyber issues
Resources in the Disciplines  |  Education and Technology Resources | Home
Gender Issues: 
Crossing Boundaries in Cyberspace? The Politics of "Body" and "Language" after the Emergence of New Media. Ursula Frohne and Christian Katti, Art Journal, Winter, 2000, v59 i4 p.9 (http://www.findarticles.com/m0425/4_59/69294344/p1/article.jhtml)
Cyberviolations: Bodies and Boundaries - [In support of Dr. Sarah B. Fowler's workshops at "The Face of the Other" sponsored by Open Society Institute, Skopje, Macedonia - July 2000.] 
Femina - sites for, by, and about women (http://www.femina.com/)
Gender Bending in Games - Kathryn Wright (http://www.womengamers.com/articles/gender.html)
Gender & Race in Media: Cyberspace - U. of Iowa Dept. of Communications (http://www.uiowa.edu/%7Ecommstud/resources/GenderMedia/cyber.html)
Gender in the Internet Age - Ellen Spertus and Evelyn Pine (The CPSR Newsletter Vol 18, No 1, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Winter 2000 (http://www.cpsr.org/publications/newsletters/issues/2000/Winter2000/index.html)
Gender Issues in Online Communities - Lisa J. King , The CPSR Newsletter, Volume 18, Number 1Winter 2000 (http://www.cpsr.org/publications/newsletters/issues/2000/Winter2000/king.html)
Selected non-fictions by Julian Dibbell (incl. "A Rape in Cyberspace," and "My Dinner With Catherine MacKinnon (And Other Hazards of Theorizing Virtual Rape)" (http://www.levity.com/julian/indexvanilla.html)
Web Grrls International - "A forum for women in or interested in new media and technology to network ... to help women succeed in an increasingly technical workplace and world." (http://www.webgrrls.com/wnetscape.htm)
Women's Studies - Virginia Montecino  ( with links to women and computing sites) (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/women.htm)
  E-Commerce Issues:
Advisory Commission on E Commerce (ACEC) created by Congress to study federal, state, local and international taxation and tariffs on transactions using the Internet and Internet access. 
Consumer Protection - E-Commerce and the Internet   - Federal Trade Commission (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/menu-internet.htm)
Electronic commerce - Special Edition - Northern Lights (http://special.northernlight.com/ecommerce/index.html)
A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce - THE WHITE HOUSE  July 1, 1997 (http://www.ecommerce.gov/framewrk.htm)
safe shopping.org - project of the ABA Section of Business Law Committee on Cyberspace Law Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Working Group
Web Economy / Cybercapitalism - Editor, Albert Benschop, Sociology Department University of Amsterdam (http://www.sociosite.net/about.php)
Virtual/Cyber Community:
Association for Internet Researchers ( a.(o).i.r )- " dedicated to the advancement of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies" Resources, support network, critical scholarly research across the disciplines, international in scope (http://www.learnersrealm.com.au/community/community1.htm)
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture - Virginia Tech - "one of the world's first university based digital points-of-publication for new forms of scholarly communication, academic research, and cultural analysis" (http://www.cddc.vt.edu/)
Computer-mediated Communcation & Cybercultures - American Studies, Washington State U.  (http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~amerstu/pop/cyber.html)
Cyberculture Working Group - U. of Maryland, graduate students and faculty members across the disciplines interested in exploring the intersections between the Internet, culture, and society 
  Cybersoc - "an online resource for social scientists interested in the study of the internet, cyberspace, computer mediated communication, and online communities." (http://www.cybersoc.com/)
Cybersociology - "non-profit multi-disciplinary webzine dedicated to the critical discussion of the internet, cyberspace, cyberculture and life online"(http://www.cybersociology.com/)
Cyberspace and Web Sociology - Editor, Albert Benschop, Sociology Department University of Amsterdam (http://www2.fmg.uva.nl/sociosite/topics/websoc.html )
Cyberstudies Web Ring (http://nimbus.temple.edu/~jvaughn/cswr/)
EFF "Publications - Net Guidebooks - CyberPoet's Guide to Virtual Culture" Archive (http://www.eff.org/pub/Net_info/Guidebooks/Cyberpoets_Guide/)
E-Mail and Your Social Status - Robert Wright, posted in Slate, Feb. 23, 2000 (http://Slate.msn.com/?id=75678)
Foundation for Digital Culture - not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and support digital culture and art on-line (http://digicult.org/)
Identity and Deception in the Virtual Community - Judith S. Donath, Sociable Media Group, MIT Media Lab (Prepared for: Kollock, P. and Smith M. (eds). Communities in Cyberspace. London: Routledge) (http://smg.media.mit.edu/people/Judith/Identity/IdentityDeception.html)
Inhabiting the virtual city: The design of social environments for electronic communities - Judith S. Donath  (http://smg.media.mit.edu/people/judith/Thesis/)
Internet "Addiction" Resources - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/internetaddict.htm)
Life on the Internet - pbs online (http://www.pbs.org/internet/)
The Nerd in the Noosphere - Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 1, Jan 1, 1995 by Michael Heim  (http://metalab.unc.edu/cmc/mag/1995/jan/heim.html)
Net Culture and "Cyber-Anthropology" Archive - EFF (http://www.eff.org/pub/Net_culture/)
ONLINE COMMUNITY RESOURCES ON THE NET (http://www.carleton.ca/~cmckie/online.html)
The Psychology of Cyberspace -John Suler, Ph.D. Department of Psychology, Rider University (http://www.rider.edu/users/suler/psycyber/psycyber.html)
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies -  scholarly resources, including university-level courses in cyberculture, events and conferences, and an extensive annotated bibliography (http://www.com.washington.edu/rccs/)
Rethinking Virtual Community - Part 1 - John Katz in Slashdot (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/12/15/166257&mode=thread)
Rethinking Virtual Community - Part 2 (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/12/15/1615222&mode=thread)
Rethinking Virtual Community - Part 3 (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/12/15/1619213&mode=thread)
Rethinking Virtual Community - Part 4 (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/12/16/1555240&mode=thread)
Rheingold's Brainstorms - Howard Rheingold (http://www.rheingold.com/)
Selected non-fictions by Julian Dibbell (http://www.levity.com/julian/indexvanilla.html)
trAced - Cyberculture and Theory - Online Writing Community (http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/traced/theory.htm)
Virtual Society? - The social science of electronic technologies- "the Programme benefits from research which retains some (analytic) scepticism about the claims made for the new technologies." (http://virtualsociety.sbs.ox.ac.uk/)
Virtual World Resources (http://www.well.com/user/hlr/vircom/index.html)
Virtuality and its Discontents: Searching for Community in Cyberspace   - Sherry Turkle (http://www.prospect.org/archives/24/24turk.html)
Voice of the Shuttle: Cyber Culture Page (http://vos.ucsb.edu/shuttle/cyber.html)
The Web Museum:Cyberculture Research Library (http://www.lastplace.com/page164.htm)
Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
Disability and Access | Digital Divide | Privacy, Ethics, Legal | Gender 
E-commerce | Virtual Community | Hypertext | Other cyber issues
Resources in the Disciplines  |  Education and Technology Resources | Home

Hyptertext Issues:
Bridging the Gulfs: From Hypertext to Cyberspace, Thierry Bardini Departement de Communication Université de Montréal ( Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication CMC 3 (2) September 1997) (http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol3/issue2/bardini.html)
Creative eWriting - by Mary F. O'Sullivan - resources for Creative eWriting
Electronic Literature Directory -poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction (http://directory.eliterature.org/)
E-PUBLISHING AND HYPERTEXT PUBLISHING by Doug Brent, U. of Calgary EJournal Volume 6 Number 3 (August 1996) (http://www.hanover.edu/philos/ejournal/archive/v6n3/brent/edintro.html)
How the Secondary Orality of the Electronic Age Can Awaken Us to the Primary Orality of Antiquity - Robert M. Fowler (http://homepages.bw.edu/~rfowler/pubs/secondoral/)
(hyper)fictions- Michael Joyce (http://iberia.vassar.edu/~mijoyce/htexts.html)
Hypertext - from Cyberspace, Hypertext and Critical Theory - George Landow
Hypertext - University of Colorado at Denver. School of Education (http://www.cudenver.edu/~mryder/itc_data/hypertext.html#theory)
Hypertext: A Multi-dimensional, non-sequential, interactive text (Webography for ELA @ NCTE) - Ted Nellen (http://www.tnellen.com/ted/hypertext.html)
Hypertext and hypermedia: a selected bibliography (1991)Terry Harpold, School of Literature, Communication, & Culture Georgia Institute of Technology (http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/~harpold/papers/ht_bibliography/)
Hypertext and Writing - overview of the hypertext medium - Kimberly Amaral  (http://www.umassd.edu/Public/People/KAmaral/Thesis/hypertext.html)
Hypertext, Cybernetics, Cyborgs and Virtual Realities - U. of Iowa Communication Studies: Digital Media (http://www.uiowa.edu/%7Ecommstud/resources/digitalmedia/digitaltheory.html)
Hypertext Publishing and the Evolution of Knowledge  - K. Eric Drexler (http://www.foresight.org/WebEnhance/HPEK1.html)
Hypertext Reading Room- Eastgate Systems, Inc. - writing by  hypertext writers (http://www.eastgate.com/ReadingRoom.html)
Hypertext Resources - Eastgate Systems, Inc. (http://www.eastgate.com/Hypertext.html)
Hypertext Resources (including some online hypertext fiction) - Michael Joyce, Vassar (http://iberia.vassar.edu/~mijoyce/206htexts.html)
Hypertext Theory - Nancy G. Patterson. U. of Michigan (http://www.msu.edu/user/patter90/hypertext.htm)
HYPERTEXT: the convergence of contemporary  critical theory and technology - Table of Contents for Chapter One (http://landow.stg.brown.edu/ht/contents.html)
Serious Hypertext -  Eastgate Systems, Inc. "... we create new hypertext technologies and publish serious hypertext, fiction  and non-fiction: serious, interactive writing." (http://www.eastgate.com/)
Rhetorics of the Web: Hyperreading and Critical Literacy - Nicholas C. Burbules (Published in Page to Screen: Taking Literacy Into the Electronic Era, Ilana Snyder, ed. (New South Wales: Allen and Unwin, 1997). 
Shadow of an Informand - Stuart Moulthrop's explorations of  "some way in which the rhetoric of hypertext might escape its shadow status and take on the full three-plus dimensions of hypertextual discourse" (http://raven.ubalt.edu/staff/moulthrop/hypertexts/hoptext/)
Text Arc - "a visual represention of a text - combination of an index, concordance, and summary, which "uses the viewer's eye to help uncover meaning"
The Way to Use Hypertext: Three Professors' Perspectives (http://busboy.sped.ukans.edu/~serena/hypertheory.html)
Web Usability (Special Focus) - Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, Vol. 6, No.1, Jan.1, 1999 (http://www.december.com/cmc/mag/current/toc.html)
What Is Hypertext? - Virginia Montecino  (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/hypertext.htm)
Whither E-Literature? Automatic Writing - Keith Gessen <Accessed 5.22.01> (http://www.tnr.com/cyberspace/gessen052201.html)
Why the Web Will Win the Culture Wars for the Left: Deconstructing Hyperlinks - Peter Lurie 
Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
Disability and Access | Digital Divide | Privacy, Ethics, Legal | Gender 
E-commerce | Virtual Community | Hypertext | Other cyber issues
Resources in the Disciplines  |  Education and Technology Resources | Home

Other Cyber Culture Resources:
An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Conceptual, Artistic, Geographic, Cables & Satellites, Traceroutes, Census, Topology, Info Maps, Info Landscapes, Info Spaces, ISP Maps, Web Site Maps,Surf Maps, MUDs & Virtual Worlds, Historical (http://www.geog.ucl.ac.uk/casa/martin/atlas/atlas.html)
Background on the Internet and WWW- Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/internet-www.htm)
Bibliography of Cyberculture books - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/cyberbiblio.htm)
The Book and the Computer - the Future of the Printed Word - global views (English and Japanese versions) (http://www.honco.net/9809-toc.html)
Computer Science / Information Technology Resources - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/comeng.htm)
Cyber English - Ted Nellen (http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/)
Cyberculture, Information Society, and Internet Research News - reviews, theory, conferences... (http://www2.cddc.vt.edu/cyber/index.php)
Cyberculture: an annotated bibliography - Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies,  David Silver (http://www.com.washington.edu/rccs/)
The Cyberpunk/cyberculture project (http://www.cyberpunkproject.org:8100/idb/cyberculture.html)
Cyberspace and Technology - from popcultures.com
Cyberspace, Hypertext and Critical Theory - George Landow, Brown University - extensive collection on overview, hypertext, critical theory, gender, identity, body, infotech, science & tech, political and economic contexts, cyberart and architecture, cyborg, prosthetics (http://landow.stg.brown.edu/cpace/cspaceov.html)
Daily Meditations for the Computer-entranced  - Steve Talbott (http://www.oreilly.com/people/staff/stevet/meditations/)
Designs for the Digital Revolution - Bill Joy (Fortune, 03/06/2000, Vol. 141, No. 5 Special 70th Anniversary Issue, Special Section:"The Capitalist Century") (http://library.northernlight.com/PN20000301030000343.html?cb=13&sc=0#doc)
Digital Literacy - by  Paul Gilste, an excerpt (http://www.ncsu.edu/meridian/jul99/diglit/diglit.html)
Educom Review - Learning, Communications and Information Technology (http://www.educause.edu/pub/er/erm.html)
Feed - ezine on technology, media and culture (http://www.feedmag.com/lofi.html)
Future of Print Media - publication of the Institute for Cyberinformation - Kent State University (http://www.futureprint.kent.edu/)
Game Studies - a crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to research of the aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer gaming(http://www.gamestudies.org/)
The Garden in the Machine: The Impact of American Studies on New Technologies - Randy Bass (Georgetown University) (http://www.georgetown.edu/bassr/garden.html)
Heim. Michael. selected articles online (http://www.mheim.com/html/articles.htm)
History of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/art-intelweb.htm)
History of Computing - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/computer-hist-web.htm)
Hotwired (http://www.hotwired.com/)
How the Internet Came to Be - Vinton Cerf, as told to Bernard Aboba (http://www.forthnet.gr/forthnet/isoc/how.internet.came.to.be.cerf)
Hypertext, Cybernetics, Cyborgs and Virtual Realities - U. of Iowa Communication Studies: Digital Media (http://www.uiowa.edu/~Ecommstud/resources/digitalmedia/digitaltheory.html)
Information Technology Association of America - information about the IT industry and issues, association programs, publications, meetings, seminars, links... (http://www.itaa.org/)
Innovation and the Amateur Spirit - Howard Rheingold (http://www.intellectualcapital.com/issues/issue332/item7718.asp)
  Internet "Addiction" Resources - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/internetaddict.htm)
The Internet and Society, Critical Commentaries on Language, Literacy, Education, & Technology - papers by Mark Warschauer (http://www.gse.uci.edu/markw/papers.html)
The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking (2nd edition) - by Tracy LaQuey (http://www.obs-us.com/obs/english/books/editinc/top.htm#top)
Internet Literacy, Fred Hofstetter, McGraw Hill Companion Web site (ISBN 0-07-239821-3)
Internet Society (ISOC) - a professional membership society which addresses issues about the Internet and is involved with Internet infrastructure standards, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). 
Internet Terms ( basic list) - Virginia Montecino  (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/netterms.htm)
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication On the Web - Quarterly (http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/)
The Living Internet - reference works on Internet publishing, research notations, and Internet tricks, information about the history of varied parts of the Internet (http://livinginternet.com/)
Little Movies: Prolegomena for Digital Cinema - Lev Manovich
Media Determinism in Cyberspace (http://www.regent.edu/acad/schcom/rojc/mdic/md.html)
Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality - "a unique hybrid publishing project that joins ArtMuseum.net with our partner in print, W.W. Norton & Co., to present an untold history of multimedia. This site is based on the book of the same name, co-edited by Randall Packer and Ken Jordan.
New Media Research - Lev Manovich (http://www.manovich.net/)
New Media Studies - David Gauntlett, Institute of Communications Studies, U. of Leeds (http://www.newmediastudies.com/)
NUA Internet Surveys - database of Internet demographics and trends.  NUA says its "information reaches 180,000 people worldwide every week and has been translated into Russian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew and Spanish." (http://www.nua.ie/surveys/)
PEW Internet & American Life - "The Project aims to be an authoritative source for timely information on the Internet's growth and societal impact, through research that is scrupulously impartial." (http://www.pewinternet.org/)
Rising Stars in Virtual Education: A Peek into 2010 by James Shimabukuro, in VISION, Nov/Dec 2002
Teaching and Learning with Technology - Associations / Scholarship / Teaching Resources / Online Universities / more... - Virginia Montecino (http://mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/scholarship.htm)
Technological or Media Determinism - Daniel Chandler
Technology Review - MIT's Magazine of Innovation (http://www.techreview.com/)
trAce - Online Writing Community (http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/)
What Is Digital Cinema?Lev Manovich (http://www.manovich.net/text/digital-cinema.html)
Zen and the Art of the Internet - Brendan P. Kehoe (http://www.cs.indiana.edu/docproject/zen/zen-1.0_toc.html)
Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
Disability and Access | Digital Divide | Privacy, Ethics, Legal | Gender 
E-commerce | Virtual Community | Hypertext | Other cyber issues
Bibliography of Cyberbooks / Theory
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