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Computer Science / Engineering / Information Technology Resources
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  ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
  ACM Digital Library -  vast resource of bibliographic info.,citations, and full-text articles. 
  ACM - Moral Imperatives
  ACM SIGGRAPH - "dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques"
  The Ada Project - Tapping Internet Resources for Women in Computer Science
  AWSEM  - Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering & Mathematics 
  Apple II History
  Artificial Life Online 2.0 - "about the synthesis of life in artificial media, and the study and research done on artificial models of biological phenomena."
  Artificial Intelligence - brief overview - Virginia Montecino
  Background on the Internet and WWW - Virginia Montecino
  History of the Internet- by those who made the history, including Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf , David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Daniel C. Lynch, Jon Postel, Lawrence G. Roberts, Stephen Wolff. 
  Build Your Own PC - PC Mechanic - a tutorial
  Center for Democracy and Technology
  CERN - European Lab for Particle Physics - where the WWW part of the Internet was born
  CERT Coordination Center- study Internet security vulnerabilities, provide incident response services
  Computer Chronicles - online guide to the public TV series
  Computers and Ethics - School of Communications - Cal State, Fullerton, Paul Martin Lester
  Computer and Internet Security - Library of Congress Internet Resource Page
Computer museums
  Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  Consumer Protection - E-Commerce and the Internet   - Federal Trade Commission
  The Cryptography Project - Dorothy Denning
  Cyberculture Resources -  links to scholarship, studies, cyberculture bibliography 
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  Electronic Frontier Foundation - Protecting rights and privacy in the Electronic Frontier
  Electronic Privacy Information Center
  Electronic Privacy Issues (Links) - Virginia Montecino
  ENIAC - Original technical report - 1946
  A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce - The White House,  July 1, 1997
  GMU Responsible Computing Policy
  Graphics Communications Association (GCA)
  History of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - Virginia Montecino
  The History of Computing - chronology of history, timeline, hardware, software, computer pioneers, major companies, ...
  History of Computing Overview - Virginia Montecino
  HTML Writer's Guild - "provides resources, support, representation, and education for web authors at all skill levels"
  HyperText Markup Language Activity Statement - WC3
  IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronoics Engineers, Inc. 
  IEEE Spectrum - an IEEE journal 
  Information Technology Association of America - information about the IT industry and issues, association programs, publications, meetings, seminars, links...
  Intellectual Property in the Age of Universal Access. Samuelson, Pamela and Peter G. Neumann.ACM, 1999 -  ISBN: 1581131690 
  Intellectual Property Network - U.S. Europe, World Intellectual Property
  International Webmasters Association - "Provide and foster professional advancement opportunities among individuals dedicated to or pursuing a Web career, and to work diligently to enhance their effectiveness, image, and professionalism as they attract and serve their clients and employers"
  Internet Privacy Coalition
  The Machine That Changed The World
  National Academy of Engineering
  National Academy of Sciences
  National Institute of Standards and Technology - "collect and disseminate computer security information and resources to help users, systems administrators, managers, and security professionals better protect their data and systems.  A primary goal of the CSRC is to raise awareness of all computer systems users -- from novice to expert -- about computer security". 
  National Research Council
  PC Webopaedia  - Internet.com
  Prentiss-Hall - professional/technical references
  Privacy Issues and the Internet
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  SANS Institute: A Cooperative Education and Research Organization cooperative research and education organization through which system administrators, security professionals, and network administratorsshare knowledge and find solutions
  Sci Central - portal to science and technology resources
  Tech Encyclopedia - Techweb - CMP net - the Technology Network
  TechJourney.com - " Essential Resources for Computer Professionals"
  Technology Review: MIT's Magazine of Innovation Register to access
  Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics  -  the Computer Ethics Institute
  Women in Technology
  World Wide Web Journal - open systems perspective on advanced Web technologies
  WWW Virtual Library for Electrical Engineering (NASA)
  Yahoo - Science:Computer Science:Journals
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Computer Museums/History Sites
  Association for the History of Computing
  Computers: History and Development - Jones Telecommunications & Multimedia Encyclopedia
  The Museum  of Science - history, resources, more....
  The Historical Computer Society
  History of Computing - Army Research Lab
  History of Computing - Computer Science Dept, VA Tech
  History of the Internet - Internet Society
  List of Computer History Organizations and Museums - Computer Science Dept., VA Tech
  Yahoo Directory of History of the Internet sites
  Intel Museum
  National Cryptologic Museum - NSA - National Security Agency
  Notable Women in Computing and Mathematics
  Triumph of the Nerds Online- companion to the PBS series
  U S Science and Technology Museums - IEEE Spectrum
  UVA Museum
  VA Tech History of Computers Page
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