CS 103  - Section 003, Spring 1999
- Students who think they already know the material in CS 103 can "test out" by taking the credit by exam test .  Professor Marchant will offer the test .You can make an appointment with Dr. Marchant if you can't do it at that time.  Information on the credit by exam process is on line: http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~amarchan/testout.html


Learn how to navigate your Computers, Technology and Society text - Familiarize yourself with your MICROSOFT OFFICE 97 PROFESSIONAL EDITION text -  numbering not conventional. Learn to use the table of contents, index, strategies for learning the programs.

Final project - Create a Web-based Research project on some new application of computer technology. All references must be properly cited.Choose something of interest to you that you will enjoy!

Hints: Think about how technology is impacting your own major field. What changes are happening? How is the Web being used?

     Each project must  must incorporate at least one of the following applications:
     Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
     Presentation Software (MS Powerpoint)
     Database (MS Access)

The project must be in your mason account and must be linked from your homepage.  The project should include a link to a file that contains references.