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IT 390

Rapid Development of Scalable Applications


  • DTP: Database Technology and Programming
  • WDM: Web Development and Multimedia
  • HIT: Health IT

Prereq: IT 206, IT 213 and IT 214

Start with a short video to learn about this course: SHORT VIDEO.

Coordinated Teams with obtained awards:

Positive Deviancy (Spring 2014-present), coordinated by Jade Garrett

Pizza Poacher (Fall 2014-present), coordinated by Stephanie Olson and with Tetis Chang

Read a few statements from my former students:

"I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I was offered a full-time job as a Software Developer with a company, Siteworx. I’m really excited about the opportunity! During the interview they were really impressed that I could describe to them how JSPs and servlets work. I really attribute what I have learned in this class as a big reason for me getting this position. I hope this class can continue to help students in the future!" (S.P. Fall 2014)

"I was in your IT 499 class this Spring for Rapid Development of Scalable Applications. I do not know if you remember but one idea I suggested for a potential application was to create a site where you could test your typing speed of programming code. I don't know if you have seen this site, but someone already created a site like this and at my new job my boss told me about it. this is the site: https://typing.io/lessons I just thought it was really interesting and cool! They did a really nice job putting the site together but it would be nice if they explained what the code did in more depth in the comments or on the page where you got your score. Anyway when I saw the site I thought of you and the class. I really enjoyed IT 499 and thank you for all of your help!"(K.B. Spring 2014)

"It's at Agilex, and aside from having to learn AngularJS I got the job largely because of what I was doing on my own, and what I learned in your class. I just wanted to say thanks, and give you this info so that you got some reassurance."(J.P. Spring 2014)

I was in your IT 499 class this Spring for Rapid Development of Scalable Applications. [...] I really enjoyed IT 499 and thank you for all of your help!(K.B. Spring 2014)

Anonymous - end of semester course evaluation:

The course was offered as IT499-002 in Spring 2014. The course evaluations are:

  • My overall rating of the teaching
    • 4.86 Mean (6 strongly agree, 1 agree)
  • My overall rating of this course
    • 4.86 Mean (6 strongly agree, 1 agree)

What aspects of the course and the way it was taught helped you to learn?

"I really learned agreat deal about how the industry does things NOW. I've provided more feedback in my senior review. There needs to be more Agile/Scrum classes and a level higher class that shows how to migrate users"

"EVERYTHING! Most useful class in DTP. There should be more classses like this. This should replace crappy Capstone. One gets more real world experence with this class."

Not answered: 5

What modifications do you suggest for the next time?


"Teach a bit more coding."

"More in class lab time, less lecture. Have class in Fairfax. :)"

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IT 390
Learning is Fun. Build your scalable application in a hands-on course, working in a team. The next Facebook is waiting for you!