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A Working Portfolio

This portfolio, with links to the exercises, my blog, and my final project, are part of a graduate class entitled “History and New Media,” taught by Professor Paula Petrik at George Mason University.

About Me

My research interests include, very generally, the study of gender, family history, and material culture in 18th- and 19th-century America and Britain. I am also interested in the study of history and memory, particularly with regard to memorials and commemoration ceremonies, and the role these play in the creation of community identities. For the purpose of this class and its final project, I will explore two such ceremonies that commemorated an American Revolutionary War battle, the first in 1878 and the second in 1928.

My Objective

To learn about digital “best practices” and to expand the ways in which I conceptualize “doing history.”


These will include experiments in the use of type as a formatting and aesthetic element, in the use of images to enhance the narrative and to demonstrate image editing skills, and in overall website design, combining these elements with attention to layout, accessibility, and overall presentation.

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