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George Mason University initialized its Chinese Program in Fall 1999 and has been seeing the steady growth of student interest in Chinese ever since.

The Program offers language courses at elementary, intermediate as well as advanced level. Literature/culture courses in English translation are also offered for students without Chinese language background. The following courses are now available to be studied through the Department of Modern and Classical Languages:

  • Chinese 110--Elementary Chinese
  • Chinese 210--Intermediate Chinese
  • Chinese 250--Gateway to Advanced Chinese
  • Chinese 300--Advanced Reading Development
  • Chinese 301--Advanced Grammar and Syntax
  • Chinese 305--Chinese for the Business World
  • Chinese 310--Survey of Traditional Chinese Literature (readings and taught in English)
  • Chinese 311--Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
  • Chinese 318--Classical/Literary Chinese
  • Chinese 320--Contemporary Chinese Film (subtitles and taught in English)
  • Chinese 325--Major Chinese Writers (course taught in English)
  • Chinese 328--Asian American Women Literarture
  • Chinese 355--Readings in Poetry--offered in Spring
  • Chinese 365--Readings in Narrative Prose--offered in Fall
  • Chinese 470--Special Topics in Chinese Language and Culture
  • Chinese 480/481--Fourth Year Chinese

For non-credit Chinese courses, please visit the George Mason Confucius Institute.

The Chinese in China Program became available in Summer 2002.  With strong support from both the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and the College of Arts and Sciences, and a Title VI Grant from the Department of Education of the Federal Government, a Minor in Chinese became available starting Fall 2003.


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