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Chinese Minor Program

Core Faculty
Julie Christensen, Ming Wan, Michael Chang, David Haines, John Paden, Karl Zhang (coordinator)

Affiliate Faculty
Lawrence E. Butler, Robert DeCaroli, Mark Goor, Jeng Eng Lin, Cuong Nguyen, Hung Nguyen, Young-Chang Ro, Brian Platt, Ming Wan, Steven Weinberger

Minor in Chinese
As China continues to emerge from centuries of isolation, it is assuming a key role on the international scene—not only in business, politics and finance, but also in art, culture and science. This transformation directly involves one fifth of the world’s population and will have a profound impact, however indirectly, on the rest of humanity. China also will play a pivotal role in shaping the Earth’s environment.
The minor in Chinese offers George Mason students the opportunity to study one of the rapidly developing ancient cultures of the world. The emphasis of the minor in Chinese is on developing strong language skills: oral communication and the reading of texts. Students are also introduced to important works of Chinese literature and to the culture of China proper. A Chinese minor can easily and effectively be combined with majors in other disciplines. It is especially valuable in combination with business, computer science, international studies, anthropology, history, government, philosophy, or another language.

Students in this minor complete 18 credits above the intermediate (200) level.

1.  Language. Three courses (9 credits) chosen from the following:            

  •         CHIN 300 Reading Development
  •         CHIN 301 Advanced Grammar and Syntax
  •         CHIN 305 Chinese for the Business World
  •         CHIN 480 Fourth-Year Chinese I
  •         CHIN 481 Fourth-Year Chinese II
2.  Literature in Chinese. One course (3 credits) chosen from the following:
  •         CHIN 318 Introduction to Classical Chinese
  •         CHIN 355 Readings in Poetry
  •         CHIN 365 Readings in Chinese Fiction after Mao

3.  Two courses (6 credits) chosen from either of the two groups above or from the courses below:
  •          CHIN 310 Survey of Traditional Chinese Literature
  •          CHIN 311 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation
  •          CHIN 320 Contemporary Chinese Film
  •          CHIN 470 Special Topics in Chinese Studies
  •          ARTH 384 Arts of China
  •          HIST 353 History of Traditional China
  •          HIST 354 Modern China
  •          HIST 358 Post-1949 China
  •          RELI 314 Chinese Philosophy and Religious Traditions               

       Ms. C.C. Chen, Coordinator of Chinese Program
       Modern and Classical Languages
       234-A Thompson Hall
       MSN 3E5
      (703) 993-1631