Fundamentals of Queueing Theory
Fifth Edition

John F. Shortle
James M. Thompson
Donald Gross
Carl M. Harris

(c) 2018 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Hoboken, NJ.

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For information on previous edition, see Fundamentals of Queueing Theory, 4th edition

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Review of Stochastic Processes
  • Chapter 3: Simple Markovian Queueing Models
  • Chapter 4: Advanced Markovian Queueing Models
  • Chapter 5: Networks, Series, and Cyclic Queues
  • Chapter 6: General Arrival or Service Patterns
  • Chapter 7: General Models and Theoretical Topics
  • Chapter 8: Bounds and Approximations
  • Chapter 9: Numerical Techniques and Simulation

Key Changes From 4th Edition

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 1 has been split into two chapters (1 and 2), with substantial editing, reorganization, and new material
    • New and expanded section on Little's law
    • New section on the experience of waiting
  • Chapter 2: Review of Stochastic Processes
    • Expanded material (previously in Chapter 1), substantially reorganized and revised
    • Many new figures and examples
  • Chapter 3 Advanced Markovian Queueing Models
    • New sub-section on fairness in queueing
    • New material on processor sharing
  • Chapter 8 Numerical Techniques and Simulation
    • New section on deterministic fluid queues
  • Over 60 new problems and 20 new examples throughout text
  • Editing for clarity throughout text
  • QtsPlus software has been updated with significantly improved user interface


  • p. 11. In equation (1.1), the superscript for W(·) in the middle equation is wrong: W(k) should be W(i). See also the next bullet.
  • p. 17. In the equation preceding Theorem 1.2, the superscript for G(·) in the middle equation is wrong: G(k) should be G(i).
  • p. 96. The left-hand side of the first equation on the page should be 'Pr{Tt | Tq > 0} = ', not 'Pr{Tt} = '. This is used to obtain the next equation for W(t), which can be written as W(t) = Pr{Tq = 0} Pr{Tt | Tq = 0} + Pr{Tq > 0} Pr{Tt | Tq > 0}. The equation for W(t) is correct.