George Mason University

PSCI 703
Seminar in Physical Sciences

Spring 2008


Instructor: John A. Schreifels
Office: S&T I - Room 331
Phone: (703) 993-1082

Grading: Seminar attendance and brief reports (see below)
[You can submit your reports to me directly or electronically.]
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Course Description

Representative Seminar Series at GMU

College of Science Seminars

Physics and Astronomy Seminar

Seminar in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar

COLLOQUIA of the Computational Materials Science Center

Krasnow Monday seminar series

Quantum Information Science (QIS) Seminar

Math Colloquium

Astrophysics Journal Club (Up to 2 seminars from this can be applied as long as there are formal speakers for the meeting).

Seminar Attendance Requirements:

For each seminar, submit a brief summary should be submitted. This should be an "executive summary" which should describe what main points the speaker was trying to make; these summaries should be approximately one page long. The first 5 summaries are due on Mar. 15 and the rest on May 6 Summaries can be placed in my mailbox (Rm. 343, S&T 1) or submitted electronically. You should include

1. Title, Speaker, Affiliation and where the seminar was attended. Please include the sponsoring department - Chem, Physics, etc.

2. Major points and conclusions made during the talk. 

3. Submit electronic or paper copies.

4. First 5 due by Mar. 15; rest by May 6.


The following grading scheme assumes on time submission of satisfactory summaries of the seminars:

Last update: Feb. 1, 2008