Adjunct Professor of English
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA  USA

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Rm. 206, Robinson Hall B  

Office Hours:

Thursdays, 9:00 AM--10:15                  


English Dept. Phone: 703.993.1160


Skype: joyce.johnston48


FALL 2019

English 302-N03 and N04, two distance learning sectionz of Advanced Composition in the natural sciences, engineering, and computer science  

English 302-B40, a classroom section of Advanced Composition for majors in the School of Business

All three sections meet the standards of Students of Scholars (QEP) at the university

English 302 is a required part of the Mason Core Integration Requirement in Written Communication. 
The focus of English 302 is on  "Intensive practice in writing and analyzing expository forms 
such as essay, article, proposal, and technical or scientific reports 
with emphasis on research related to student’s major field." 


Current areas of specialization include:

Computer assisted instruction

Online civility

Net neutrality

Intellectual property

Open educational resources

Copyright and plagiarism in electronic environments

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Fall 2019


Year 2 of a grant-funded  project for teaching research skills in English 302 using curated

     Open Educational Resources.

Invited talk on "Nurturing Online Civility" at GMU's annual conference on Innovations in Teaching and 

     Learning, September 2018.

Member, campus learning community on Threshold Concepts 2019 and Wellbeing 2018.

Assessor for Mason Core Undergraduate Education 2018.

"Teaching without Textbooks." (with Catherine Saunders). Faculty Conversations about 

     Teaching Series  2018.


Executive Committee Member and Co-Chair, Emerging Scholar Stream 2012-present, EdMedia +   

      Innovate  Learning Annual Conference. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

"Facilitating Contingent Faculty Collaboration and Inclusion Through the Creation of an Online OER Collection.  With Catherine Saunders

       and Jessie Matthews. Conference of Writing Program Administrators. Baltimore, MD. Aug. 2019.

"Can Facebook Steal My Stuff? Your Intellectual Property Rights on Social Media." (Invited talk.) 

       Virginia Association of School LIbrarians Annual Conference.  Williamsburg, VA. Nov. 2018

       and  Internet Librarian Conference. Monterey, CA.  Oct. 2019.

"Meta-Analysis or Systemic Review? Getting Your Dissertation Topic Approved, Grants Funded and  

       Articles Accepted."EdMedia + Innovate Learning Annual Conference. Amsterdam, NL.  June 2018.

"Improving Internet Access in U. S. Libraries." Computers in Libraries. Crystal City, VA.  April 2018.

"Facing the Dragon: Learning about Aging from Beowulf." Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Faculty 

       Conversations. April 2018. Repeated by request July 2018 and March 2019

"R. I. P. Net Neutrality: Fostering Information Literacy and Equal Access without an Open Internet."  

       Society for Information Technology in Teaching. Alexandria, VA. March 30, 2018.

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