Dr. J. E. Lin, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Association of George Mason University (APAFSA)
Formally established on May 1, 2001.

Officers (July 2004 - June 2005)

President: Fu-lin Lee
Vice President: Cheryl Choy
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Ruimin Zhang
1. Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention Committee
2. Fiscal Affairs Committee
3. Student Concern Committee
    Chair: Shaoxian Yu
4. Cultural and Educational Programs Committee
    Chair: J. E. Lin
5. Personnel Development Committee
    Chair: Shuangbao Wang
6. Membership Committee
    Chair: Shaoxian Yu

Please sign up for out list aafsa@gmu.edu. To do so, please send an email from your account to listproc@gmu.edu with the following message
subscribe aafsa <your email address> <your name>

For more information, please contact Dr. J. E. Lin at (703)993-1459

George Mason University
Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Association (APAFSA)
Membership Application Form 2002-2003


Status:   ____ Administrator                 _____ Teaching Faculty
             ____ Administrative Faculty    _____ Waged Staff
             ____ Adjunct Faculty              _____ Others: ______________
             ____ Classified Staff

Department/Office/Unit: __________________________________

Title: __________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________________

Fax: ___________________________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________________

Mail Stop Number: _______________________________________

Interested in participating in any of the following committees?

___ Cultural and Educational Programs Committee
 Chair: Sandarshi Gunawardena
___ Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention Committee
 Chair: Tojo Thatchenkery
___ Fiscal Affairs Committee
 Chair: (Vacant)
___ Membership Committee
 Chair: Joann Wray
___ Personnel Development Committee
 Chair: Tai Du
___ Student Concerns Committee
 Chair: Dr. Shaoxian Yu

Please return this form to Mei-Ling Huang, English Language Institute, MSN 4C4.

******************************COMMITTEE REPORTS************************************

1. Personnel Concern Committee chaired by Mary Lee Vance
Committee Meeting 9/28/01
Present: Michael Chang, Jeng Eng Lin, Tai Du and Mary Lee Vance
* Brainstorming session involved possibilty of various types of programs
and initiatives: mentoring (perhaps table until Spring when we can then
plan for next Fall's new faculty/staff); publications/grants; various
forums (career services, interview/presentation, promotion/tenure,
technical support, resources, political networking - as in bringing in the
GMU VIP's etc.); and benchmarking with other institutions (perhaps invite
guests from other institutions who have developed an Asian American
Studies program etc.).
* Action - MLV agreed to research how to obtain an updated list of Asian
Pacific American faculty/staff
* Action - committee members agreed to review the book Glass Ceiling and
Asian Americans by Deborah Woo. It is possible that the book might lead
into a committee driven forum on Asian American professional
issues/concerns. The book, while it does not focus on higher ed, does
impact professionals in higher ed and students considering various
* Action - Committee should draft a simple survey instrument to poll the
membership's interest (see below my initial working draft)
* Action - Future meeting dates and times arranged. Meetings will be the
last Friday of every month from 12-2pm (brownbag). Dates are: Oct 26, Nov
30, Dec (skip), Jan 25, Feb 22, March 29, and April 26. Location will be
MLV's office.
I. Activities
1. Would you be interested in participating in a forum (check all that
would interest you):
-  how to get published
- how to write successful grants
- how to improve your oral communication/public presentation style
- how to improve technological knowledge
- other (please specify)
2. Would you be interested in participating in a literary book
review/discussion group (Ex: read/discuss The Glass Ceiling and Asian
Americans by Deborah Woo)?
3. Would you be interested in participating in a mentor program?
_ as a mentor
_ as a mentee
4. What else would interest you?
II. Times
1. When would you prefer any of our activities to be held:
 - during our monthly staff meetings (would be very short)
- before or after our monthly staff meetings
- in the mornings
- in the afternoons
- in the evenings
- during M-F
- during weekends

2. Student Concern Committee chaired by Fu-lin Lee
For this coming year, our subcommittee will listen and try to understand
students' concerns and concerns from students' perspectives.  Some of
goals are therefore set for this purpose and are believed to be concrete
and attainable.  We can modify our goals when we have more input from
students and other AAFSA members:
1) Invite one Asian American student organization to our monthly AAFSA
general meeting for a 10-minute presentation with the following
guidelines: their missions, plans for this coming year to accomplish the
missions and their concerns/needs as students at Mason.
2) We, the faculty and staff, will take turns to attend students'
meeting as well.
3) We will choose one of each student organization's concern to address
and see to problem-solving.
4) We will plan/coordinate for one event that will bind faculty, staff
and student together, such as a coffee hour with friendly competition
over chess and checkers.

Bylaws of the George Mason University Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Association (APAFSA)


The name of this organization shall be the George Mason University
Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Association (APAFSA).


The mission of this association shall be to promote the well-being of the Asian Pacific American community of the university; to advocate for the recruitment of Asian Pacific American faculty, staff, and students; to assist in the recruitment and retention of Asian Pacific American undergraduate and graduate students at George Mason; to encourage equitable representation of Asian Pacific American faculty and staff throughout the university community; to provide a liaison between APAFSA and the university administration; and to organize and maintain a support network for Asian Pacific American faculty and staff.


Section 1. Membership in this Association shall be open to any faculty and staff at George Mason University who are in agreement with the purposes of this Association, and who return a completed APAFASA membership form with annual dues. Associates shall be all other members.

Section 2. Dues shall be set annually by the Executive Committee.


Section 1. Regular meetings of the general body shall be held once a month.

Section 2.   Special meetings shall be held from time to time as necessary. The President or his/her designee will call for such special meetings.

Section 3. A quorum shall consist of ten (10) members present, or one-fourth
(1/4) the total number of members, whichever is lower.


Elected officers shall be for a term of one (1) year.  Officers may seek re-election.

Section 1.  President:
a. The President shall preside over all meetings.
b. The President shall call all special meetings.
c. The President shall co-sign all financial documents of the organization in
excess of $150.00.
d. The President or his/her designee shall be the official spokesperson for the organization and shall ensure representation at meetings and functions.
e. The President shall appoint a designee to perform functions of persons unable to perform their elected duties
f. The President shall establish the agenda for each meeting.

g. The President shall be an ex-officio of all APAFSA standing committees.
h. At the conclusion of term, the President shall serve as an ex-officio of APAFSA for one year.

Section 2. Vice President:

a. The Vice-President shall serve in the Presidentís stead whenever the
President is not available to carry out his/her official duties.
b. The Vice-President shall be parliamentarian at all meetings. All matters of contention shall be resolved using Robertsí Rules of Order.
c. The Vice-President shall reserve facilities for all regular organizational meetings.

Section 3.  Secretary:

a. The Secretary shall take the minutes of each meeting and distribute the
the same to the membership no later than three (3) working days prior
to the next scheduled meeting.
b. The Secretary shall give timely notice to the membership of all meetings.
c. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a membership list, mailing list, and meeting attendee roster.

Section 4.  Treasurer:

a. The Treasurer shall co-sign all official APAFSA financial documents over
b. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all financial and historical records for
the organization.
c. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Fiscal Affairs Committee.


Section 1. Elections shall be held in May, coinciding with the regularly scheduled monthly meeting, unless a special by election to fill vacancies is necessary. Voting shall be by written ballot, with provisions for absentee ballots. The President shall appoint a chairperson for a special Elections Committee.

Section 2. Nominations shall be taken at the April meeting.

Section 3. Newly elected officers shall assume their responsibilities in July.

The Executive Committee

Section 1.  The officers of the Association and standing committee Chairs shall
constitute the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of
Association between its business meetings, fix the hours and place of meetings, make recommendations to the Association, and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws. The Committee shall be subject to the orders of the Association, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions taken by the Association.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall meet monthly. Executive Committee meetings may also be called upon written request by three of its members.


Section 1.  Standing committees shall be those designated as having an ongoing
function vital to sustaining the purposes of the Association. Any standing committee failing to report at two (2) consecutive meetings of the general body shall be reviewed by the President and Executive Committee.

Section 2. The Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention Committee is a
standing committee which shall assist the university in its goals toward attracting and retaining qualified Asian American faculty and staff members.

Section 3. The Fiscal Affairs Committee is a standing committee which shall be
responsible for the financial security of the Association. It shall act as a repository for the funds of the Association while maintaining responsibility for their disbursement.

Section 4. The Personal and Professional Development Committee is a standing
committee which shall encourage and support faculty and staff members in the pursuit of their professional development.

Section 5. The Student Concerns Committee is a standing committee which shall
serve as a liaison between AAFSA, Asian American students, and Asian American student organizations. It shall facilitate communication, and provide students and organizations with information necessary to their success.

Section 6. Cultural and Educational Programs Committee is a standing committee which enhances cultures and traditions of Asian countries.

Section 7. The President of the Association, in consultation with the Executive
Committee, shall appoint special committees deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Association. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committee.


Section 1. Proposals for amendments to the bylaws shall be announced at a regular
meeting of the general body and posted until the next regular meeting before being voted upon.

Section 2. A two-thirds (2/3) favorable vote of those voting members present at the
regular meeting and certified absentee ballots shall be required to ratify an amendment. Absentee ballots shall be presented at the meeting at the time of the vote.