If you would like to hear live radio communications between tower/pilots/ATC select one of the two links below.  You will need RealPlayer installed on your computer to hear the audio.

       - Chicago ATC

The following Web links are provided to assist in class related research and to assist in the understanding of the role Systems Engineering plays in the Air Transportation Systems Engineering.

        - Office of Systems Architecture and Investment Analysis  (FAA)

       - Aviation System Analysis Capability (LMI)

       - Bureau of Transportation Statistics (DOT)

       - Office of Research and Acquisitions (FAA)

       - Aviation Research Center (University of Texas at Austin)

       - CNS/ATM Focused Team (BOEING)

       - Regional Airline Association

       - National Business Aviation Association

       - FAA Unpublished Reports

       - Transportation Cost Analysis

       - FAA/EURO Control R&D Symposium 98



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