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English 503, Theory and Practice of Editing

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Shelley Reid, Spring 2008

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In Class: Topics / LabWork

Reading Due

Writing/Editing Assignments Due


Meeting 1

January 28


Introductions: to editors, to editing, to English 503

Live Editing: Save Leslie

Writing Bank 1: Schooling


Meeting 2

February 4

Copyediting 1: Grammar & mechanics

Editorial Roles

Writing Bank 3: Editing

Grammar School

Judd: Ch. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7

WebCT Link: Kamiya

WebCT Text: What Copyeditors Do

Handbook as needed

Writing Bank 2: Information
(post to WebCT)

Sentence Exercises
(Download from WebCT)

Bring six quotations from readings


Meeting 3

February 11

Copyediting 2: Clarity, accuracy, prose style

Sentence yoga, judo, & tai-chi

Judd:  Ch. 3, 6

WebCT Text: Checking Facts

Handbook as needed

Browse style book

On WebCT: Browse Tables of Contents, Writing Banks 1 & 2

Sentence Exercises (WebCT)

Area of Interest topic(s) proposal


Meeting 4

February 18

Design and Layout 1:  Type, arrangement, copyfitting

Make it work; make it pretty

Editorial goals survey

Judd:  Ch. 7, 9

WebCT Texts: Four Basic Principles, Intro to Type

Short Project 1: Edited "Schooling" essay



In Class: Topics / LabWork

Reading Due

Writing/Editing Assignments Due


Meeting 5

February 25

Beyond Copyediting: Editing for audience, genre, voice, flow, meaning

Final Project: Initial set-up

Cutting ESR down to size

Assisting wounded soldiers

WebCT Link: Rhetorical approach

WebCT Texts: Editing Information, Unbiased Editing

Short Project 2: Revised "Schooling" essay (post copy to WebCT)

Proposals for 5 Rules List & Short Project 5


Meeting 6

March 3

Editing a collection: Defining, selecting, arranging

Editing as a collective: Vision, negotiation, planning

Sussing out the rules

Editorial Board meeting

WebCT Texts: Comprehensive Editing, Editorial Muscle

WebCT Board: Begin reviewing Final Project Submissions

Short Project 3: Layout for Info Document

Find and bring an "edited collection"




Meeting 7

March 17

Managing a project

Who's in, who's out:
The final project draft

Judd:  Ch. 8, 10

WebCT Texts:  Canons of Rhetoric, Editing Methods, How Books are Chosen

WebCT Board: Finish reviewing submissions

Short Project 4: Selection Memo
(post to WebCT)

Bring short-list for final project


Meeting 8

March 24

Editing Roundtable: TBA

Group Work: Best laid plans

WebCT Text:  Fact or Fiction

Short Project 5: Editor's Choice



In Class: Topics

Reading Due

Writing/Editing Assignments Due


Meeting 9

March 31

Design and Layout 2: Colors, webtexts, "the look"

WebCT Link:  Graphic Design

WebCT Text: Editing Color Images, TBA

Final Project: Style Sheet & Goals (draft)

5 Rules Report (post to WebCT)


Meeting 10

April 7

Delicate negotiations: with people, with words

Judd:  Ch. 11, 12

WebCT Texts:  Management & Liaison, Editor's Dilemma, Sample Rejection Letter

Final Project: Stage 1 Editing

Short Project 6 proposal


Meeting 11

April 14

Miscellany:  Tables, images, odd genres, titles, etc.

WebCT Texts: TBA

Final Project:  Stage 2 Editing

Letters to authors (finalize by end of class)


Meeting 12

April 21

Macro & Micro

WebCT Texts:  Ethics for Editors

Final Project: Design plans


Meeting 13

April 28

Editors as leaders; TCB

Judd:  Ch. 13

Exam questions & key


Meeting 14

May 5

Reviews and recaps


Short Project 6: Revision of 1, 3, or 5


Final Project, all parts, due by 6pm, Wednesday May 7

Final Exam:  Monday May 12, 4:30-7:15





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