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English 309
Introduction to Nonfiction Writing

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Spring 2008  --  MW 12:00-1:15 
Professor E. Shelley Reid



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Reading assignments are from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (AVM), Writing True (WT), The Writer on her Work (WoW), Best American Magazine Writing 2005 (BMW), and Best American Essays 2005 (BAE).

Some readings will be posted on the Library's Electronic Reserve page (E-Res), which you can access from (password="_____") and some will be posted on our WebCT siteWebCT (), which you can access from .

Reading and writing assignments are due at the start of the scheduled class period unless otherwise noted. 



Class topics

Reading Due This Class

Writing Due This Class



Writing Block; Introducing writers, setting goals



Readers' Block; Reading as a writer;    Story Potluck; Annotation yoga

WT:  p. 24-5

WoW: Atwood, 150

E-Res: Macrorie and Lamott

Reader's Prep Card: Fan, Player, Analyst, Skeptic

1-page story, 2 copies



WB; Noticing (for) writing: little green ball, jello, & some people
** Meet in IN 317 **


WT:  Chapters 1-3; + Liu, 234 or Gilb, 287


Annotation (photocopy/printout)

Initial Learning Goals (paragraph+grid)



RB; Writing Workshop 1: Description/Place


WT:  pp. 80-84 + Chapter 6

WoW: Hogan, 77; Erlich, 175

AVM: Ch. 1

WW#1 Draft (copies w/Guides; Commentary)

Reader's Prep Card




WB; Finding a center;
The Rhetorical Triangle vs.
The Five Paragraph Essay

WoW:  Hampl, 21; LeGuin, 210

BAE: Levy, 121

3x3 Log + Response or Reading Analysis



RB; Writing Workshop 2: Memory/Reflection

WT:  Simic, 271 or Steinbach, 275

AVM: Ch. 2 & 3

WW#2 Draft (copies w/Guides; Commentary)

Reader's Prep Card



WB; Researching as a writer
** Meet in IN 317 **

WT: Chap. 9



Class topics

Reading Due This Class

Writing Due This Class



RB; Writing Workshop 3: Report/Profile

BMW:  Smith, 121

AVM:  Ch. 5 & 6

WW#3 Draft (copies w/Guides; Commentary)

Reader's Prep Card



WB; Writing for real; scope & angle

WT: Chapter 10

WebCT:  Anthony or Lorde

Reading Analysis or 3x3 Log + Response



RB; Letter Potluck; beyond text
Meet in IN 317

BMW, BAE, or WoW: Readers' Choice 1

AVM:  Ch. 9, 19 (also see WebCT vid link)


Reader's Prep Card




Writing for the right brain, blending modes and styles

WT: Chapter 8

BMW:  Kamp, 265

BAE:  Sedaris, 195




RB; Writing Workshop 4: Review/Multi/J (online option)

AVM: Ch. 11

WW#4 Draft (copies w/Guides; Commentary)

Reader's Prep Card




WB; Sussing out stakeholders; blending voices

WT: Kidder, 309

WebCT:  Orr

Optional: Proposal consultations


Spring Break



RB; Psych: reaching distant and resistant readers

BMW, BAE, or WoW: Readers' Choice 2

WT:  Callahan p. 219, Weineke p. 255

AVM:  Ch. 13 & 14

Reader's Prep Card



Writing Workshop 5:  Change
(online option)

WW#5 Draft (copies w/Guides; Commentary)

Schedule Proposal Conferences



WB Stone Soup: reread, resee, retune, (re)research, revise
Meet in IN 317

WT:  Chapters 4 & 7; Miller, 340

BMW: Jones, 3

First Portfolio and Proposal Due at Conference


No Class:  Conference Break


Class topics

Reading Due

Writing Due



RB; Seeing the heart of the matter; shifting the scope

BAE:  Sacks, 161

Online: Kesselheim, Audubon May '07

AVM: Ch. 15

Research Plan

Reader's Prep Card



Revision Workshop A (online option)

Revised Draft A (Guide, commentary)



RB; Rebuilding:  structures, genres, forms

WT: Walker, 210; Legler, 289

AVM: Ch. 17

Reader's Prep Card



WB; Revision calisthenics
Meet in IN 317

Peer Review Review

(PRR Responses due by Saturday noon)




RB; Beginnings & endings; pacing & flow

BMW:  Wolcott, 333

AVM:  Ch. 20

Target/Model assignment

Reader's Prep Card

Set up conferences



Revision Workshop B (online option)

Revised Draft B (Guide, commentary)

Find a writing handbook




Conference Break:  No class





WB; "Style" and "voice"

WT:  Chapter 5, Fuller, 369

BAE:  Florey, 31

Grammar Guru assignment

Bring your handbook



Revision Workshop C (in-class): Editing and proofreading

(Re-)Revised Draft



RB: Faves; Building a portfolio; Share-around part 1

Optional: 2 copies, 1-3 pp for sharing



WB: Next?; Looking forward;
Share-around part 2

Optional: 2 copies, 1-3 pp for sharing

 Final Portfolios Due by Friday, May 9, 5:00 p.m.



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