Dr. Dean Taciuch
George Mason University

Fall 2010

English 302: N04
Literature Review

As part of the research project for this course, you will write a literature review including 5-10 sources gathered from the GMU library databases. (If your topic is sufficiently narrow, that will be much of the available research). Most of these sources should be scholarly studies of the topic you wish to address in your research paper.

The literature review should be 5-7 pages, doublespaced. The review should have three sections:

  1. Introduction: Brief overview of the issue and of the published research. The introduction needs to have a thesis – a statement about the current research situation. The introduction should also outline the main lines of research you will present in the body of the review.

  2. Body: Detailed discussion of the main lines of research. The body should be organized thematically, not by source. (A source-by-source discussion is a narrative bibliography)

  3. Conclusion: Summary of the current research situation, including gaps or weaknesses in the current research.



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