Dr. Dean Taciuch
George Mason University

Spring 2008


English 344:002
Course Schedule

Week 1 (Jan 24): Set up sites and student blogs.
ELC and CHNM introduction
Blog Post 1: On Electronic Literature

Week 2 (Jan 31): Funkhouser ELC Review.
Stuart Moulthrop essay: "What the Geeks Know"
Exercise 1: Blogs and feeds

Week 3 (Feb 7):
STAR Labs presentation?
Tim O'Reilly "Piracy is Progressive Taxation . . ."
Lawrence Lessig Free Culture
Exercise 2: Know Your Rights

Week 4 (Feb 14):
Internet Archive and Creative Commons
Blog Post 2: Copyright and Fair Use
Begin Remix Project

Week 5 (Feb 21):
Workshop Remix project
Blog Post 3: Ideas for Remix
Exercise 3: Digital manipulation

Week 6 (Feb 28):
Remix Project show
Blog Post 4: Remix responses

Week 7 (March 6): Begin Group project
ELC and CHNM readings
Blog Post 5: More on Electronic Literature

Week 8 (March 13):
Spring Break

Week 9 (March 20): Games: Espen Arseth Cybertext (sample chapter)
Blog Post 6: Groups

Week 10 (March 27):
Work on Group Projects

Week 11 (April 3): Group Project show
Blog Post 7: Responses to group projects

Week 12 (April 10):
Begin Final Project
Blog Post 8: Ideas for Final project
Exercise 4: Academics online

Week 13 (April 17):
ELC and CHNM Readings
Blog Post 9: Yet more on Electronic Literature

Week 14 (April 24):
Workshop final projects
Blog Post 10: Final Project progress reports

Week 15 (May 1): Final project show
Blog Post 11: Final Project responses


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