Dr. Dean Taciuch
George Mason University

Spring 2008


Group Project

The class is almost evenly divided between Creative Writing, Non-Fiction, and non-English majors, so this project aims to bring the various skills and interests in the class together. For this project you will work in groups of two to design and create an informational site on a topic of your choosing: a current event (upcoming elections, perhaps), a recent issue in the news, or a topic related to the course (Fair Use or some such).

The groups must have members with different academic interests (for example, a Creative Writer with a Non-Fiction Writing and Editing student, or an English major with a History major).

The project should consist of at least five screens (though you may have more) and at least 1000 words of text (again, more is OK). I will make exceptions for projects involving audio or video content. The members may divide up the work as they see fit: for example, one might work on design and the other on content.

Some possible projects:



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