The Diversity at Mason series

Student Reflections (edited by David Haines, Samuel Brase, Alejandra Gonzalez-Arias, Celine Kemp, Tiffiany Newsome, and Razia Tajuddin), 2006.
Valuing Written Accents: Non-Native Students Talk about Identity, Academic Writing and Meeting Teachers’ Expectations (by Terry Myers Zawacki, Eiman Hajabassi, Anna Habib, Alex Antram, and Alokparna Das), 2007.
The Fulbright Experience (edited by Sandarshi Gunawardena and Karen Rosenblum), 2008.
Student Research on Student Identity (edited by Karen Rosenblum, Naliyah K. Kaya, and John N. Robinson III), 2009.
The Pursuit of Transformative Education (edited by Anna S. Habib and Karyn E. Mallett), 2011.
A New Kind of International (edited by Hyunyoung Cho, David Haines, and Karen Rosenblum), 2015.

The Science of Diversity Project (edited by Eden King
and Liz Andrews), 2016.


Selected faculty publications on DRG-related research

Cho, Hyunyoung, David Haines, and Karen Rosenblum (forthcoming). "Drifting Houses and Shifting Anchors, A Cautionary Tale from Korea." In International Student Mobility, Services, and Policy in Higher Education, edited by Krishna Bista and Charlotte Foster. IGI.

Haines, David (2007). "Crossing Lines of Difference: How College Students Analyze Diversity." Intercultural Education 18 (5) 397-412.

Haines, David (2013). "'More Aware of Everything': Exploring the Returnee Experience in American Higher Education." Journal of Studies in International Education 17 (1): 19-38.

Rosenblum, Karen, Karen Genteman, and Ying Zhou (2009). "Ambivalence: Exploring the American University Experience of the Children of Immigrants." Race, Ethnicity, and Education 12 (9): 337-348.

In addition, detailed material from Valuing Written Accents (the second volume of the Diversity at Mason series) is on the web at: