Academic Policies Committee


for Feb. 8, 2006 Meeting

  1. Bob will introduce a proposal he developed regarding exemption of Gen Ed requirements for students entering GMU with an associates degree from a community college. (Currently, such students from NOVA are granted an exemption for most of their Gen Ed requirements, but students from other community colleges are not.)
  2. Cliff will briefly suggest a "plan of attack" for Bob's proposal (which involves seeking the advice of the Gen Ed Committee).
  3. Cliff will introduce a draft of a motion regarding suspended non-degree undergraduate students, and will invite Susan Jones to discuss it with us since she brought the matter to the attention of the Faculty Senate.
  4. Cliff will discuss an update added to the end of his web page pertaining to possible changes in academic calendar policy, and the entire committee will discuss the relevant issues and hopefully firm up a plan for bringing this matter to an end after Spring Break.