Motion from the AP Committee

February 22, 2006


On page 38 of the 2005 catalog, under "Periods of Academic Suspension," replace "Students" with "Students in degree status" at the beginning of the first sentence. Also include the following additional paragraph under the same header:
Non-degree undergraduate students placed on suspension have no specified rights of return to the university. Non-degree students who have been suspended and who wish to resume their studies after a period of absence must qualify for readmission through the Office of Admissions.


The Academic Procedures Advisory Committee (APAC), a group of Assistant/Associate Deans and administrators chaired by Susan Jones (Registrar), recommended that the Faculty Senate clarify the sanctions for suspended non-degree undergraduate students. Currently, the GMU catalog contains no specific information regarding such students.

Specifically, the APAC recommended that suspended non-degree undergraduate students not be granted the specified rights of return for suspended degree-seeking undergraduates. (Degree-seeking undergraduates have the right to resume their studies after serving specified periods of suspension, with the length of the suspension dependent on whether it is a first or a second suspension.) Non-degree students, who do not face the same admissions standards as degree-seeking students, should be reevaluated before being able to register for additional classes, and should not automatically be allowed second and third chances based on their original acceptance as a non-degree student.