ENGR107 Section 3

George Mason University



Welcome to the ENGR 107 (Section 3) Home Page. Here you can find the syllabus, assignments, projects, and general information
for the class.


        Professor: Carl G. Schaefer, Jr.

        Class meets every Tuesday, 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm, East Building, Room 122


        The design brief for the Rail Rider project is now posted.

        Preliminary Design Review class presentations are due October 19, 2010.


Lectures will be updated and posted to the ENGR107 web site at the end of each week.

1.   Lectures 1 and 2: The Engineering Profession

2.   Lectures 3 and 4: The Design Process

3.   Lectures 5 and 6: Engineering Tools: Spreadsheets

4.   Lectures 7 and 8: Engineering Ethics


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