A Skeptic's Guide to Global Warming

By Barry A. Klinger, George Mason University
May 2014
Questions and Comments: bklinger@gmu.edu

  1. Is the science settled?
  2. Are we changing the atmosphere?
  3. Is the world warming?
  4. What sets temperature?
  5. How sensitive is climate?
  6. What makes the climate change?
  7. Humans or nature?
  8. Isn't climate always changing?
  9. Have predictions been correct?
  10. Alternative explanations?
  11. Is there a consensus?

Photo credits (this page): Irminger Sea Array Global Surface Buoy

Irminger Sea Array Global Surface Buoy

Other Information on Climate Change

Carbon Emissions: Comparison Among Nations

Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4)
Reviews of scientific knowledge of climate change and its effects on the United States, published by the U.S. Global Change Research Program (GCRP), and plain-language summaries by Eos, Earth and Space Science News. Eos is a publication of AGU, the leading scientific society for geophysics in the US.

* NCA4 Volume I * Eos Summary of Volume I
* NCA4 Volume II: Impacts * Eos Summary of Volume II

Last modified: 24 November 2018