Creative Writing Projects

Almost all of Aram Zucker-Scharff's creative writing can be found at his DeviantArt page. You can also find his work at Nightmare Mode.

Here are a few selections:

Fiction Non-Fiction Editorial Game Fiction
The Noise

A short cyberpunk story.

A History of Virginia in Votes

Feedback Loop: It takes many choices, or none, to make a game.

The Collapse

Flash-fiction shows the motivations of an Angels Fall First character.

Conduct the Day

An entry for Miramax's Renaissance Remix contest.

Avenue Q Comes to The National

Facebooked Repentence

Repentance wants to be your Facebook friend, do you accept?


A character bio for Angels Fall First

The Ledge

A chapter in a episodic set of stories for Angels Fall First.

Israel Tweets Gaza Conflict

My article covering the Twitter citizen press conference held by the Israeli Embassy


A look at Mason traditions.

The Crusaders of Ios

A faction document for Angels Fall First

See some of my collabrative work with the Angels Fall First Universe team

More work: