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Angels Fall First Project

  • The Angels Fall First project is an attempt to create a holistic science-fiction universe for use in computer gaming. The AFFU is created via a world-wide collaboration or graphic modelers, artists, coders, and writers. The AFFU is currently progressing in coding games via the Unreal Tournament 2007 engine, the Homeworld 2 engine, and the Nexus: The Jupiter Incident engine. The team is also working on an entirely new engine called War In Heaven. The project has received accolades from and PC Gamer UK.
  • My title on the project is "Fiction and Errata." As such my role in the AFFU team extends to building the universe textualy, creating fiction within the universe, creating documentation, and creating and maintaining a database of information on the universe.

National Novel Writing Month

  • The National Novel Writing Month is a nation-wide event in which thousands of writers make time to try and write a 50,000 word novel.
  • I am currently working on the 50,000 word novel, upon completion I will be editing and expanding it for publication.
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