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Baseball Salary Data Set
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House Insulation
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Suicide Data (Stata dta format)
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Presidential Votes Data

Homework One
House Insulation Homework

Weight Homework
Suicide Homework
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Presidential Votes Homework

Some Places to find Interesting Data

National and State Accounts Data:  Bureau of Economic Analysis
Labor Market and Price Data:  Bureau of Labor Statistics
International Data:, Doing Business, The World Bank
Census Data:  U.S. Census Bureau
Data Clearing House: Stat USA; Fedstats, Statistical Abstract of the United States, Resources for Economists
World Data including Population Data:  CIESIN
Political and Social Data:  ICPSR
Campaign Finance Data:  Federal Election Commission
Health Data:  Centers for Disease Control and CDC Wonder System
Voting/Ideology Data:  Poole and Rosenthal Roll Call Data
Crime Data:  Bureau of Justice Statistics
Education Statistics:  National Center for Education Statistics
Legislative Data:  Library of Congress -- Thomas
Environmental Data:  EPA
Religion Data:  American Religion Data Archive
Financial Data:  Financial Data Finder
Political Speculation Data:  Iowa Electronic Markets
Charitable Contribution Data:  The Urban Institute